• PerOla Hammar

Visual Basic, for beginners

One of the template coding for sites that’s used is called Visual Basic or VB. It is a third generation programming language from Microsoft that is considered easy to learn due to the developmental features. It was derived from BASIC computer programming language that enables RAD or rapid application development for the graphic user interface. It is used to access databases and other objects within applications.

Programmers use the applications to create special effects and features in templates, software, and webpages. The simple application allows users with limited programming knowledge to develop complex applications.

Visual Basic uses the simple principles of arranging components and controls on forms with various attributes that have more functionality to meet the needs of the application. The use of the coding allows users to redefine certain components without having to rewrite the multiple lines of code leading to easier changes of the application.

Forms using Visual Basic have features of drop-and-drag for text boxes and buttons. These are typical elements of webpages in the Window environment. The helpful additives for the websites are vastly appealing to computer users worldwide.

The simple code of Visual Basic is inserted into the program to allow the user to resize or reposition the various elements of the webpage or application software. The code is then translated into a visual accessible element creating a more user-friendly environment.

Most templates will use Visual Basic without the user knowing the application or how it works. The seamlessly simple fact of changing the templates or elements has been taken for granted yet is still important to realize it is one of the major functions of the coding process. It works with other languages such as C++ and JavaScript to create numerous applications.

Although it is not required to understand the workings of Visual Basic for designing most websites by the unprofessional individual, it is important to realize the magic of the application that creates the internationally used site on the internet.