• PerOla Hammar

Is Online Network Marketing Doomed?

Network marketing used to mean going to a variety of meetings, making cold or warm contacts, and tracking down family and friends to come join your meetings. Many empires were built on this offline method of creating network marketing success, but yet the internet has changed a great deal of this.

Network marketing has intermingled with internet marketing and the entire face of the game has changed. Once incorrectly called ponzi or pyramid schemes, legitimate network marketing online was reaching its peak about ten years ago. Many companies went from the network marketing method to the affiliate marketing approach with much better success.

The internet has offered a wide variety of methods for making money with any type of business imaginable. Network marketing requires you to bring in people under you, mentor them, put time and effort into them, and build legs that create your success. Affiliate marketing and internet marketing allow you to put the same amount of effort into your promotional techniques while not worrying about filling legs or matrix requirements.

There are still many die hard fans of the online network marketing method. In most cases, these are very successful marketers who are able to catch wind of the next great product or business, and they invest in the early levels of the program. By the time it reaches the masses, their legs have already been filled and they have already made their fortunes, again. Most people who do not have many business tactics, cultivated email lists, or extensive connections or money to put forth into network marketing help the wealthy but often flail about in the bottom legs for a very long time.

Persistent efforts can create a network marketing success story. If this is where you put your money, then you can eventually be successful. Yet with all the other potential money making marketing businesses on the internet, network marketing doesn’t make much financial sense for the average newbie.