• PerOla Hammar

5 Ways to use Pinterest to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Pinterest is the latest member of the social media club. Pinterest members create boards of Internet content they find interesting.

A picture represents each unique pin. Popular subjects include recipes, memorable blog posts, craft projects and more. Once a post is pinned, others can see the pin and follow a link to the original source.

Pinterest is a great avenue for spreading awareness of your blog throughout the Internet. This guide will show you five easy ways to promote your blog using Pinterest.

Include Pictures on Your Posts

Pinterest users create pinboards using images, so each blog post you write should have an image attached. Choose a striking image that symbolizes the post. Appealing images may catch the attention of someone who has never seen your blog before. The picture should reflect the message of the post and fit the overall theme of your blog. Bakers, for example, should always include pictures of delicious food in their recipe posts.

Network with Other Pinterest Users

Interaction on Pinterest is similar to interaction on other social media websites. Users can follow their friends' boards and share images with each other. You should try to find other users on Pinterest who share your interests. Following other Pinterest users increases the number of people who see your profile and any pins you've made of your own site. Make sure your profile is up to date with your blog's current website address.

Interact with Pinterest Comments

Individual pins allow users to comment. Treat comments on any of your pins as if they were blog comments. Reply to visitors who leave comments on your pins. You can further this interaction by visiting their Pinterest boards and leaving comments as well. Developing a rapport with another user may lead more traffic to your site.

Integrate with Pinterest

Include a special button on each post to integrate your site directly with Pinterest. Users who are logged into Pinterest can immediately add your post to their boards with this button. Pinterest users following your visitor's boards will see your posts, further increasing your traffic flow. The coding for this button is available on the Pinterest website.

Showcase Your Blog

Finally, pin some of your own blog posts. Don't abuse this strategy as overexposure may annoy some visitors. Instead, highlight some of your best posts from your blog's archives. This is a great way to introduce new readers to some of your favorite items from your blog.