Ways To Manage Comments On Your Blog

Managing comments on your blog is part of being a blogger and ensuring that you reach out and communicate with your visitors.

Although some bloggers might find managing comments a trivial task, it is no doubt an essential aspect of blogging. You can easily control the kind of comments on your blog as well as efficiently interact with your visitors.

In this article, we are going to show you ways in which you can manage the comments on your blog efficiently:

Determining The Comments Appearing On Your Blog

You can decide the kind of comments that will appear on your blog, as you filter off the unnecessary comments. Most blogging platforms do allow you to do this, by setting the comments that will be seen on your mail for approval before they appear on the blog.

With this, you can disapprove comments that you find offensive, or that may derail the topics from appearing on the comments of the blog.

Applying Comment Policy

It will be a good idea to let visitors know what you will allow and what is not allowed in your comments section. Most bloggers do provide a comment policy for readers to get to know what is permitted and prohibited.

It is advised that, even though you do not place these comments policy for readers, you should have one on your own as a guide or reminder to what you will allow on your blog.

Respond Promptly To Comments

One way of keeping visitors coming back to your blog is to respond promptly to comments on your blog. This will keep readers interested in the blog for a long time and continues the conversation going on for long time. Also, readers will become more engaged as you provide solutions to their queries.

One of the standard tips of blogging is to keep visitors engaged for as long as possible, and you can do this by responding to their comments.

Keep Them Coming back By Redirecting

You can always direct your readers to a previous link or get them to take actions, such as buying a book or clicking a link. This action will likely solve their problems and also benefit you in one way or the other.

This is a typical tactic by bloggers to get visitors to take actions on their blog as you should learn not to give all information for free. With this, you can benefit from taking time to respond to comments on your blog.

Stay Away From Trolls, Bullies, Religious and Racist Comments

You should not waste time and energy in responding to trolls, bullies, religious or racist comments as you will just be amplifying their voice. If they manage to beat your spam blocker and get to your comments undetected, ignore them and do not derail from the topic.

You can easily block those that are involved in such activities, and they will not be able to comment on your blog post anymore.

Your blog comments are as important as your blog post, and if you were previously not paying attention and responding to your visitors’ comments, then you should start immediately.

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