Good Copywriting Is The Secret Sauce Your Business Needs

If you want more traffic and more money, you need to nail your copywriting.

Copywriting is the art of “selling in print”. That is, it’s using words on the page to persuade people to do stuff… click links, sign up to email lists, and buy products.

And while you need to use keywords in your content to rank in Google, no one’s going to care about your content unless you’ve written it properly… in an entertaining, interesting way that ALSO leads people to the next step in your funnel.

That’s why copywriting is so important. It’s essential at every step of the process, from your headline and meta description, to your blog post opening, to your landing pages, and so on.

That’s where John McIntyre at The McMethod comes in.

John is one of the world’s top email copywriters, and has made a career out of selling with words.

He recently published an excellent post called “What Is Copywriting?” that explains what copywriting is, why it’s important, and exactly how to create copy that converts.

Click here to read John’s post.

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