About CapsisMedia

I’ve been in this business since 2004 offering industry-leading web services


CapsisMedia, an all-inclusive digital marketing company, was built from scratch by me in 2004. In the beginning the business was called PerSilja but after moving from Karlstad to Skovde I changed the name to CapsisMedia. 


My name is PerOla Hammar. I’m an avid student of life, traveling and learning about different cultures and business trends – a proud father to my children and a dedicated entrepreneur to my businesses. I invite you to explore this website, the home of my brand, CapsisMedia. 


CapsisMedia is my main business and is the brand where I do most websites and work for clients. However, CapsisMedia has developed through the years and I have created localised branches to suit and fullfill the needs of certain markets, please also have a look at:



I am dedicated to the enhancement of CapsisMedia as a prolific brand that serves people with whom I share my passion for entrepreneurship with, my clients. I focus on the development of individual and corporate brands, providing industry-leading website design and hosting, social media marketing, app development and related services in the digital industry. 


The future looks bright and I have goals of expanding through brand development, partnerships, mergers and acquisitions. As an entrepreneur who is steadfast in helping my peers and newly minted startups and businesses to succeed online, I welcome you to join me in this journey. I have followed this path to success for more than 10 years, and I’m sharing insider knowledge and industry insights with you through comprehensive website marketing services.


Let me help you get started, or continue in the right path. Tell me what your business needs.