Printing Services

I and CapsisMedia can help you design and print banners, bookmarks, business cards, door hangers, flyers, folders, letterheads, postcards and much much more.
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Printing Services


Catch the attention of your intended audience and customers with captivating banners for your website, social media platforms or physical marketing locations.

Custom Banner Printing highlights the benefits of banners as effective marketing tools for your business. Banners are attractive and economical, a combination that suits a small business or startup that aims to promote its offerings to a wider audience.

At Capsis Media, I combine texts, backgrounds, colors and contents to make creative banner designs that transfer the message of your brand from your business to your audience successfully. Are you fundraising or promoting a new product? Let’s exchange ideas for your banner requirements so we can come up with an irresistible visual design.


Leave an unforgettable memento to your prospective customers or focused audience with a well-designed bookmark.

Custom Bookmark Printing is a clever way of promoting an idea, an event, a product or a service. Some marketing methods are ignored because of their mundane nature but bookmarks are loved by people because they are portable, useful and symbolic. Their charm lies in being a simple yet thoughtful keepsake for the receiver, often customers or people who join your events.

Capsis Media recognizes the role of bookmarks, and I create them in such a way that’s reflective of the objective of your event or marketing initiative. Do you have a message to share with your community, clientele or group? Let’s deliver it creatively, with fancy bookmarks!

Business Cards

Introduce your business or brand in the most impactful way with your stunning business card.

Custom Business Card Printing is worth your investment. Your business card defines what kind of company you represent. Sophisticated business cards with professional appeal create a lasting impression. Cheap ones with poorly made design or with wrong spelling are a huge turnoff. Choose a stellar design for your identification card, the symbol of your business –received and kept by your prospects and acquaintances, people who can become business connections or customers in the future.

Capsis Media prints premium quality business cards which can be glossy or matte depending on the unique character of your brand. I can customize your business cards with colors, texts and graphics that make you standout. Carry your confidence in a crisp and chic business card.

Door hangers

Promote your products, services or events with creative door hangers for your community to look at, read with curiosity and share with loved ones.

Custom Door Hanger Printing is an ingenious idea for marketing. Imagine finding these attractive door hangers outside hotel rooms, offices and commercial spaces. They urge you to take a second look and read what’s written on them. Your business will benefit from a well-thought-out door hanger design if you’re marketing a sale, a promo, or even a new

These decors are effective marketing tools because they prompt people to start conversations and spread the latest updates.

CapsisMedia prints creative and eye-catching door hangers for various events including holiday sales, concerts, raffles, occasions and so much more. You can opt for colored and glossy designs with maps and graphics to show relevant information. Need to share an update with your community or organization? Spread the word through stylish and noticeable door hangers.


Entice and update your community with fresh ideas and fascinating events through attractive and inexpensive flyers.

Custom Flyer Printing tops the list of economical choices for promotions. Flyers are compact with concise content that says what you need to say about your business or organization with straightforward text and images. Yes, short attention span is still a challenge for marketers and thankfully, flyers are direct and easily digestible for readers.

Capsis Media prints professional-looking, digitally printed flyers. I plan the layout with careful consideration to the gist and highlights of the message, and incorporate simple and crisp graphics to support the content. The trick is not to have elements such as pictures or texts overpower the message. Any great idea you want to convey to your audience? A flyer may be the perfect medium to carry it.


Showcase your business through professionally designed folders, structured and organized, that subtly markets your offering without an overwhelming promotional effect.

Custom Folder Printing benefits your business and appeals to your audience in a helpful way. Folders keep files together and sometimes, you are lucky to receive them when you need them. If you’re the giver, you recognize that the gesture is appreciated. Its effect is engaging but not intrusive – the perfect balance of giving a pleasant favor without the person feeling obliged to return it. Your brand exposure is small but sufficient.

CapsisMedia designs functional folders with logos, taglines and information about the brand that stick to the mind of receivers and people in proximity. They create brand recall which is effective in marketing. You could have folders produced for distribution within your company or organization. These objects are symbols that unify the group. Plus, giving folders is a thoughtful gesture that provides functionality and convenience. Do you need a batch printed soon?


Create a professional and memorable impression through the creative design of your letterheads.

Custom Letterhead Printing is useful for your business in terms of making your messages and correspondence cohesive and consistent to your brand/company identity. If your letterhead is recognizable throughout your company or organization, you set the tone for the reaction of your receivers to your official orders, requests or notes. For special occasions and personal events, beautifully crafted letterheads also convey an appropriate mood or greeting to the receivers.

Capsis Media creates letterheads tailored to the specific needs of clients. Do you need it for a formal setting like an office or corporate event? I can match your requirements by choosing colors and content compatible to your company persona. It will also be helpful to talk about your logos and business cards in relation to the design of your letterheads. Their themes should be consistent to a chosen standard. What do you imagine your letterhead should look like?


Show you care by sending postcards to loved ones. Invite enthusiasts to exhibits and events with artistic postcard designs.

Custom Postcard Printing is a great option if you want to personalize your communication with loved ones, colleagues or members of your organization. Receiving Thank You postcards is still cherished by people who have a penchant for traditions. Sending them as part of your marketing initiative produces the desired effect for a brick and mortar business established through loyal customers, or even for modern businesses that wish to give an amusing surprise to their clientele. They can be accompanied by flowers or goodies.

Capsis Media designs modern postcards for various events and initiatives. If you want to send postcards to generous donors after a successful fundraising event, then I can create a meaningful design with gratitude as its main theme. Perhaps, you need a sweet reminder for an upcoming event or an exquisite invite for an exhibition. Share your design inspirations and let’s go ahead and create beautiful postcards out of them.