Press Releases

What’s new with your business? It’s a crucial question to ask entrepreneurs, brands and companies in various industries. Everything needs to be new and innovative these days. If you have a business that’s been around for years, give your customers a new perspective – a fresher take on your offerings. It’s all about keeping them updated and informed. They have to care about your brand, and we can help you achieve this goal with captivating press releases.

Our team can spread the word about a new product, an event or a promotional campaign in a way that will reach your targeted audience effectively.

Your press releases will have these qualities:

  • Attention-grabbing and Appealing Copy
  • 100% Customize for Your Market
  • Anchor Keyword Links
  • Highly Converting Content
  • Clear Call to Action

Capsis Media creates press releases tailored to your market and distributes them to places, online or offline, where you can get maximum exposure. Our proven and successful strategies have helped our clients launch products, host full-house events and boost sales. We amp up our marketing efforts to support any endeavor you wish to promote today.

We don’t create updates just for the sake of releasing something or sharing news that’s irrelevant to people. We write press releases for your brand in order to deliver your message and inspire the right response or action from your audience.