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How To Use Facebook to Sell Your Products

Wednesday, February 7th, 2018

For small business owners, Facebook can be much more than just a social networking platform to connect with customers – it can also be a place to sell your products. There are three important ways that you can transform Facebook into a selling platform.

#1: Promote products in your Facebook status updates

One easy way to start selling on Facebook immediately is perhaps the most obvious – simply include products that you’d like to promote as part of your status updates. Obviously, you can’t promote every single product in your inventory this way, but if there is one “bestseller” that you’d like to promote as part of a new sale, why not?

The key here is to include a deep link to the product, so that customers can go immediately to the product order page. Also, you will need to have a high-quality, high-resolution image that really shows off the best features of the product in order to catch the attention of people who are seeing it in their newsfeeds.

#2: Use your Facebook cover photo as a mini-advertisement

Don’t forget about your Facebook cover photo as a way to promote your products. It’s perfectly normal for companies to switch out these photos on a regular basis, so why not use this as an opportunity to post photos of new items on sale? For example, if you are promoting your new spring/summer clothing collection, there’s no reason why you can’t swap out a cover photo of winter jackets for something more seasonal.

Even better, you might show customers or team members using, wearing or sampling your products in this image. Just don’t forget to include a direct link to the product as part of the image caption. That way, customers will know where to go to buy this product.

#3: Use a landing page app to build an online store directly on your Facebook page

There are now a variety of third-party landing page apps that make it relatively easy to build a fully-functional store right on your company’s Facebook page. Once you install these apps, there will be plenty of opportunities for customization. For example, you can change the colors, logo and layout of the store so that it resembles your website e-commerce store.

For customers, this is very helpful because it creates a seamless, fully integrated experience for them. All they see is a separate tab within your Facebook page. Once they click on this tab, the Facebook store launches, and customers can browse products and shop the same way they would outside of Facebook.

In deciding how to use Facebook to sell your products, it is important to continually test different options to see which one performs best. For example, if you are posting items in your status updates, which photos or descriptions are doing the best job of selling the products? Would adding video to the mix help even more?

When it comes to doing A/B testing, tracking metrics, figuring out the right types of promotions that actually work, and installing apps, it is always helpful to have some expert advice along the way. A social media agency can help with all the heavy lifting that goes into creating a robust, highly-effective Facebook presence.

Good Copywriting Is The Secret Sauce Your Business Needs

Wednesday, May 17th, 2017

If you want more traffic and more money, you need to nail your copywriting.

Copywriting is the art of “selling in print”. That is, it’s using words on the page to persuade people to do stuff… click links, sign up to email lists, and buy products.

And while you need to use keywords in your content to rank in Google, no one’s going to care about your content unless you’ve written it properly… in an entertaining, interesting way that ALSO leads people to the next step in your funnel.

That’s why copywriting is so important. It’s essential at every step of the process, from your headline and meta description, to your blog post opening, to your landing pages, and so on.

That’s where John McIntyre at The McMethod comes in.

John is one of the world’s top email copywriters, and has made a career out of selling with words.

He recently published an excellent post called “What Is Copywriting?” that explains what copywriting is, why it’s important, and exactly how to create copy that converts.

Click here to read John’s post.

What are the advantages of an effective SEO for Entrepreneurs?

Monday, December 12th, 2016

Due to the effects of technology, trading has become more effectual online than it was before.  A majority of the people are shunning the traditional way of trading as they opt for online trading. Wise entrepreneurs are switching to online markets in order to gain more customers. The search engines determine their success. Below are some of the benefits of SEO to entrepreneurs.

Social media marketing

It is apparent that businesses are always successful where numerous people are found. The presence of the people shows the availability of demand for the product which you are vending.SEO makes traders to have an easy time to market their products on the social media. Social media has millions of people that will definitely need the services or the products you are retailing.

Keyword research
Whenever customers are looking for a particular product, they will start searching for it in the available search boxes on the online markets. Keyword research assists the customers to get the product but that helps the traders to get customers and more sales. Through the search, the prospective customer will get in touch with the retailer. This will result in the sale of the product.

Trust from customers
Most clients have a tendency to trust those vendors whose listings are at the top of the search box. Understand that trust is very imperative in the online business. Many people have been duped before and that makes most customers to trade with care. Once the clients trust you, transacting with them will be quite easy.SEO will be of greater benefit to you in creating trust.

Command of traffic
If you have a website and you would like prospective customers to look at more products that you are selling, SEO will assist in controlling the traffic. Most website owners find it cumbersome to get people who are willing to visit their webpages. When SEO makes your product among the top listings, the interested potential clients will definitely visit your site.

Increased sales
The success of the entrepreneur is limited to the number of sales of the products and services they make. The increase in sales is limited to the exposure of the product to the people within a particular market. When more customers get to know of the availability of your products and business, you will start recording higher sales. Search engines help in boosting sales.

Every retailer in the online market is interested in making very huge profits and that has made them willing to do everything to achieve that objective. It is impossible to compete effectively on the online market when you do not use an effectual SEO strategy. The quality of the search engine will limit the results you will attain in beating your competitors. The search engine makes you a better competitor.

Another benefit of seeking the finestSEO services Chicagoonline traders would like is getting a respectable reputation. Most of the customers planning to procure products online will desire a vendor that has a good reputation. You will discover that vendors with a better reputation are always on the top of the search listings. The search engine is responsible for topping their listings.

Dominate searches
Making a sale on the internet is never easy unless most people are in a position to see your products. Due to numerous entrepreneurs seeking to exploit the benefits of the online market, it is difficult for your merchandise to be noticed by the prospective clients. The only way for your products to have the attention of the clients is by using the search engine to dominate searches.

Maximize opportunities
The chances provided by the internet to make huge sums of money from business transactions are quite many. It is your responsibility to take steps that will enable you to reap more benefits than other traders. Investing in a highly effectual search engine will help you to maximize the potential of the online market. This will enable you to get more revenue and profits from the online transactions.

Expand business
The online business provides room for expansion of business. In the past, it was hard to make a business global. Using the online markets, you have the potential to venture into foreign markets easily and gain customers quickly. However, the search engines will limit the rate at which your online business becomes global. Ensure it dominates the SEO of other traders.

Know what to sell
Most people fail in business because they do not know the product that is needed by the customers. Due to the wide variety of prospective customers, it will be impossible to know the product that is on demand when you lack the necessary tools. The search engines can help you to identify the products that are currently on demand. This will help you to make better choices of products.

Secures profits and revenue
Making profits is not easy and it is necessary for the trade to have countless sales most of the time. Both the generation of profits and revenue is determined by the ability to attract customers. Any customer searching for a particular product lacks a sufficient source to buy them. The search engines enable you to capture such clients’ attention. This will help in increasing your customer base and profits.

Sustenance of the business
A business is sustainable in the market if it is making enough profits. The profits are used to settle the expenditures of the business. When the trade is not able to get the profits, the expenditures will become more and that will culminate in its closure. Investing in SEOwill save your business from closing by ensuring that you generate more sales.

Easy referrals
It is obvious that customers will always refer people to particular retailers whenever they need specific products or services. The vendors whose listings are at the top of theSERPs have a higher advantage as people will be referred to them. This makes it easy for them to retail more products.

Author Bio
Selina Jenkins is an SEO expert who is known to offer top quality SEO services Chicago. She has been in business for more than 6 years. Most online traders always desire her services. For more information and guidance, visit her blog here.