Capsis Media Group is a boutique media firm headquartered in Middletown, Delaware and with offices in San Diego, California and since 2015 in Shanghai, China. Capsis has been exemplary in the internet industry with operations spanning worldwide. Since 2004, Capsis Media have serviced thousands of clients and has been involved in the direct branding and development of thousands of businesses globally.

Our History
Capsis Media’s founder started the original business in 1998 as a small online novelty importer/retailer. After three years of successful online operations and triple digit growth including expanding into the retail store front market in Toronto, the business was acquired by a third party competitor.
Since then, the company has undergone several transformations, adapting to market trends to further grow the company in various industries. In 2004, the company was incorporated and transformed into a small website design and development company. Through mergers and acquisitions, the company relocated to Middletown, Delaware in 2014.

In four short years, the company has grown to successfully become a world recognized website design and development brand. Today, Capsis Media focuses on the development of corporate brands offering exceptional industry leading website design, website development, web hosting and related services in the digital industry with plans to expand through brand development, partnerships, mergers and acquisitions.

A Message From Our CEO
“Capsis Media continues to provide each and every client with the upmost attention, respect and commitment to providing exceptional internet services. Since 2004, I continue to maintain an active role in the daily operations. The qualified team serviced thousands of websites since our launch in 2004 and always maintain superior quality and support to our clients. We welcome you to our website and hope to provide you with our premium website design and development services in the near future!”