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A better way to pass kidney stones

Sunday, April 30th, 2017

I had my first kidney stone three years ago and since then it’s been a reoccurring problem. I can usually pass them naturally but sometimes the nice doctors prescribed some good painkillers for me to make the process less deadly.

Statistics say that about 10% in the United States will experience kidney stones. Each year more than a million people see their health care provide for kidney stones. What are these little bad boys? They are solid objects formed when minerals band together in the urine, passing them can be very painful and is often compared to childbirth.

Most stones can pass before they can any damage but larger ones usually require more aggressive treatments to break them apart or remove them surgically.

Marc Mitchell and David Wartinger went to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Walt Disney’s World’s Magic Kingdom together with an anatomically correct model of a kidney. The model of the kidney was complete with stones and the purpose was to systematically test wheater riding a roller coaster can dislodge a kidney stone.

The result varied dependeing on where the kidney “was sitting” on the roller coaster train. The researchers however realized that the key seems to lie in the random quick motion of a moderate-intensity roller coaster. Dislodging of a kidney stone is a mechanical process and a rattling around helps the stone to pass.

Since each person has uniquely shaped kidneys and the size and location of the stones vary there is not an ideal roller coaster for everyone to dislodge kidney stones. But if you have a kidney stone less than 4 mm in size then get in to your car and go to the local amusement park and ride some roller coasters. It doesn’t hurt to try.

Dealing with mistakes

Sunday, April 30th, 2017

In some of my more recent posts I have written about personal improvement and repairing mistakes from the past, and how to avoid repeating them in the future.

I am currently trying to fix some of the mishaps from my past. I still don’t know what the result will be, but I am hoping for positive results. Below are some basic things I have realized the past weeks while dealing with this.

1. Acknowledge the mistake directly

Don’t make it worse by ignoring it and hope it will disappear, the longer you wait to acknowledge it the more of a jerk you will be. Personally, I realized I should have acknowledged my mistake quicker but still, better later than never. Be straightforward, direct and brief and honest when you acknowledge you messed up. Be clear what you did and how much you regret it.

2. Take responsibility

Don’t jump into self-defense mode. Don’t blame anyone else. Don’t point fingers or use circumstances to make an excuse. All good intentions in the world don’t change the fact that you made a mistake.

3. Apologize

There are two very useful words here; “I’m sorry’. These words need to be heard by the person who’s bearing the brunt of your mistake. When you say these words make sure you really back them up, they shouldn’t be an empty meaningless way of just getting out of a bad situation. If you take step 1 and 2 serious, then you will be a solid base for uttering the difficult words “I’m sorry” and truly mean it.

4. Give the other person time to respond

This one is tough when you really feel bad about the mishap and want to repair it quickly. But it is important! Make your direct acknowledgment, take responsibility, apologize and offer the next step for everybody to move on in a happy way. Then step back and wait for the other party to respond.

5. Listen and respond

Let the person bearing the brunt of your mistake to talk, listen and let them tell you how they feel. Venting isn’t fun to listen to but it is the only way to fix the mistake and move on.

6. Do what you promised

This one is difficult but very important. Make sure what you promised when you apologized is what you will actually do. Make sure you promise something you can deliver. It is easy to promise the world but it is more difficult to deliver it. Make sure you actually set up things in your life so that you for real can follow through with your promises.

‘Morning Joe’ on MSNBC

Saturday, April 29th, 2017

I have been following the US news with a greater interest than ever before after it turned out that anything and everything is possible when Donald Trump became the President of the United States.

I am aware that each news show and channel in the US have their own clear political view but anyway my favorite news show to follow is ‘Morning Joe’.

The show is hosted by former GOP representative Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, it features interviews with top newsmakers and high-profile politicians. They also offer daily in-depth analysis of the biggest stories.

It is on MSNBC. If you can not watch it on TV then just search YouTube for Morning Joe and you will find the latest.

Quotes by the hosts

“We’re going to look awfully stupid if we give income tax relief to people who do not pay income taxes.”
– Joe Scarborough

“I am up at 3:30, reading the op-ed pages and getting ready to be on the air by 6 A.M. on the set of ‘Morning Joe,’ and after three hours of TV and two hours on the radio, it is only 12 noon.”
– Mika Brzezinski