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Equity Finance In China

Monday, January 23rd, 2017

Minimum Investment and Capital Contribution Schedule

Minimum Capital Requirements

Chinese foreign investment law sets minimum Registered Capital requirements at 30,000 RMB (about US$ 4,000) for LLCs, which include Joint Ventures and Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprises (in practice, higher amounts are generally needed to secure approval), and minimum Registered Capital is RMB 5,000,000 (about US$600,000) for a Foreign Invested Company Limited by Shares. Note that industry-specific regulations may raise these requirements for certain types of businesses – in the insurance and securities industries, for example, minimum Registered Capital requirements are much higher.

Capital Contribution Schedule

There is currently a conflict between the Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) and the State Administration of Industry & Commerce (SAIC) as to which law is applicable in this area.

SAIC’s requirements

20% of Registered Capital initially; remainder to be paid within 2 years of the establishment date set forth on the FIE’s Business License

MOFCOM’s requirements

Either 15% of the total Registered Capital, or an amount equal to the minimum capital requirement (whichever is greater) must be contributed within 90 days of the date that the FIE’s business license is issued. The remainder must be contributed according to the following schedule:

Total Registered CapitalFull Payment Deadline

  • Up to US$500,000 1 year from issuance of business license
  • US$500,001 – US$1 million1.5 years from issuance of business license
  • Over US$1 million to US$3 million2 years from issuance of business license
  • Over US$3 million to US$10 million3 years from issuance of business license
  • Over US$10 million Up to examination and approval authority

Lump sum payments must be made within 6 months of the issuance of the FIE’s business license.

Industry-specific regulations may also modify the above requirements. Both minimum investment and capital contribution schedules are murky areas of Chinese foreign investment law, with regulations that seem to either contradict or supplement each other (no one can agree which), giving the authorities the effective ability to modify these requirements at will. The safest approach, then, would be to comply with industry-specific regulations and then look to the Company Law where these regulations are silent.

Work from home

Sunday, January 22nd, 2017

There is an abundance of job positions that allow for people to work from home simply using their computer. There are advertising jobs, sales positions and data entry careers all of which allow you to work from the comforts of home from your computer. You simply need your computer and an Internet connection. In most homes across America this is already an up and running occurrence with the use of a basic home office. This keeps the start-up cost of a home business down. In order to find a home business that you can run simply through your computer, you should begin your search online…

You can simply search online businesses from the Internet. This will pull up many results for you to choose from. You can also find online agencies that post miscellaneous job positions with a detailed description of what you may need. This can help you to narrow down your business choices. You can choose jobs by the day or week, which can prevent your employment from taking on a sense of boredom. This is why there are certain jobs outside of the home that has such high turn around in employees. The positions hold such a stiff daily routine that employees are forced to leave for their own mental well-being.

As many of us spend many hours of personal time on the computer it is easy to incorporate a home business that is run form your computer into your daily life. You fire up the computer and check emails while you perform other job tasks. You can become a secret shopper and make purchases for other online. You can get paid to fill out consumer surveys online. You can transfer data from one area to another or fill out medical billing forms online. Each of these positions can be run easily with a computer and your time and effort. It’s a simple and basic method to working from home and earning the income that you need to care for your household.

You are also building skills by working on the computer as you are becoming more proficient in your personal computer skills. You can use this in future endeavors as a benefit. This could be helpful in beginning your own business if that desire should arise in the future. You will find that having a home business that you run with your computer is enjoyable and beneficial. You can multitask accomplishing more in a less amount of time so that your personal time increases. You can also begin this form of home business with less start up cash and in a much quicker time frame.

Begin looking for your home business opportunity online through personal searches. You are certain to find the opportunity that you have longed for. You will be earning money for yourself and your family from the comforts of home by simply using a single tool, your computer. Earn money for your needs and build personal success through your computer and into the world of Internet business.

Open Secrets of Famous Entrepreneurs

Wednesday, January 11th, 2017

Advantages of Being a Home Based Business Entrepreneur

A decade ago, it was unimaginable to live in ease while working at home. However, trends have revolutionized primarily with the integration of computers and internet in our lifestyles. The good combination of these two has paved way for the growth of new business trends.

You need not look beyond your own home for work. In fact, many corporate people are now looking within the comforts of their own rooms to get their living. This is the reality that we are faced now. You always have a choice- to go with the trend or live forever bounded by the systems of stresses and everyday tension surrounding corporate living.

Entrepreneurs are discovering the benefits of establishing home based businesses. The ideal state of our economy and the progressive realization for change in lifestyles became the foundations for creating home-based businesses. Many are now beginning to mix their careers with their families, to the outcome of making it to the rat race while being able to enjoy family lives.

There are of course many take aways when you start your own home based business. However, you will soon gather the benefits after you get used with the lifestyle. Who knows what you may turn out to in the end? Nevertheless, these are the normal patterns and advantages that entrepreneurs deciding to establish home based business acquire:

Reaping financial benefits is the central thing to becoming famous in American entrepreneurship. statistics would provide us that home based entrepreneurship offers equally attractive financial gains as compared with those that we might get from corporate living. Be ready though for the risks that you might get yourself into.

Unstable income characterizes home based entrepreneurs. They normally don’t get the same fixed salaries. However, they are the ones who can set their own monthly finances.

You may not gain initially. After all, businesses don’t always have smooth beginnings, you may even fail. However, once you have toughed the initial tides, you will soon see the advances of having your own office right inside your bedroom. The absence of transportation expenses, your time wasted on commuting and your having to deal with the bosses are reasons enough why you should switch job.

The need to buy power suits and workday attires will also add up to your income. And because you work at home, you can save money on office rental and all expenses that comes with it. Thus, the income you generate will only flow back to your business.

You also have the command over your performances and the consequent benefits that come with it. You no longer have to work for a company or a boss that you do not want working for yet you don’t have a choice but do.

Once you become a home based entrepreneur, there’s no more stressing out all your nerves to get the promotion or salary increase that you desire. Its like having your financial freedom while freeing yourself from the chains of people who seem to gain control over your own life.

Home based businesses also provide financial avenues for people who don’t normally get good jobs.

Home based businesses scream of personal freedom. These provide opportunities to have your whole time for yourself. Home based entrepreneurs definitely have neither corporate cultures to abide by, nor time clocks to maximize and bosses to serve. Instead, they gain freedom in working on the time and in manners that they chose with the benefit of doing all these inside their homes.

There are of course drawbacks to these. Entrepreneurs working home based should have developed ideal time management and control over themselves. It is tempting to stop working for a while and enjoy luxurious treats to yourself. Without discipline, you might find yourself confronted with the loss of income because you felt good resting.

If there is one great advantage to home based business, that is freedom from stress.

Stress makes life more unbearable. It created paths to self-depreciation, to stunted growth. Home working has greatly reduced stresses. There are no deadlines to hit or politics that you can’t help but get involved with. You have liberty over deadlines and schedules that you have no control of. The only thing you have to mind is your work and the deadlines you have set for yourself.