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23 Facebook Hacks That Will Change The Way As You Use It

Saturday, January 30th, 2016

Facebook has become the most popular social media network with billions of active users from all over the world. By saying this I am damn sure you too have a Facebook account and have been logging it almost on daily basis. But there some Facebook Hacks that you might not know already, so keep reading the post. Today I am here with 23 Facebook hacks that you will love to read.

Facebook Hacks That Will Change The Way As You Know It

#1 Review Posts You’re Tagged In

Now you can review the posts you’re tagged in by your friends before letting them appear on your timeline. To get this done, head on to “Settings” ( where you will be able to change the way your timeline and tags are managed. From the ‘timeline and tagging’ section on the left sidebar, go to “who can add things to my timeline?” and find “Review posts friends tag you in before they appear on your timeline?”. Here click edit and change it to “On”, that’s it.

#2 Get Rid of Birthday Notifications

If you have lots of friends and continuously receiving birthday notifications, you might be looking for a way to stop them. You can easily disable these annoying birthday notifications, hit on the notification globe from the top bar of Facebook and click “Settings” in the drop-down window. Go down to “Birthdays” and switch “on” to “off.” Now you will no longer receive birthday notifications on your phone!

#3 Sneakily Change Your Facebook Relationship Status

To change your Facebook relationship status without alerting all your of friends, go to “About” section from your timeline and scroll down to “Relationship”. Click “edit” from the upper right side and change your privacy settings to “Only Me”.  Now change your relationship status, and hit save.

#4 Retrieve Deleted Content

Ever wondered how to retrieve certain information that you have accidentally deleted off Facebook? Simply go to your Facebook Settings page and click the Download a copy of your Facebook data link.

Next click Start My Archive and enter your Facebook password, Click Submit. You will see this prompt box, and will need to click Start My Archive again. Wait for Facebook working for a few minutes and send you an email containing download link for your data.

#5 Donate to Nonprofit Organizations

Do you know you can donate to nonprofit organizations directly from their FB page? Currently the list merely has around 20 organizations including American Red Cross, American Cancer Society, World Wide Fund and Malaria.

To make a donation, go to FB page of respective organization and click more right below the cover photo. Here you will find Donate Now button, click it to enter donation amount and payment info. 100% of your donation will go to your favorite nonprofit organization.

#6 Cut People From Your News Feed

One possible to cut someone from your news feed is just unfriend him/her, but if you don’t want to unfriend then “unfollowing” will do the purpose. Just locate “following” button on cover photo of a friend and hover the mouse cursor over it to reveal a menu.

Hit “unfollow” to ensure that this person’s posts won’t show up on your Newsfeed, that’s it.

#7 Save Now – Read Later

Do you know you can save posts from your timeline to read at some other time? Every day you receive a lot of status updates in your timeline and most of them may interest but you can’t read every post that interests you.

Most of the times these posts don’t appear again as you’ve passed them already. Here comes the Save option to help you out. You can easily locate it from the drop down button and can save things like videos, links, places, music, TV etc. to check out later when got time.

All your saved items will be listed as “Saved”, which you can access from the left sidebar of your news feed.

#8 Send Facebook Messages without Downloading the Separate App

If you don’t like the idea of having to download the separate Messenger app to access Facebook messages then you can avoid this by starting with the mobile browser on your phone.

#9 Teach Friends How to Actually Pronounce your Name

You will be amazed to know that you can teach your friends how to pronounce your name. To do that go to your profile page, and then about, click Details about you, then under Name pronunciation, click “How do you say your name?”

#10 Block Someone from Chatting You on Facebook Messenger

You can easily block certain people from chanting you FB Messenger instead of ignoring their messages. At the bottom of your chat sidebar, locate “Options” (the little gear), here you can have access to “Advanced Settings.” From here you’ll see “Turn off chat for only some friends…” all you need is to type in the names of friends that you don’t want finding you on FB chat.

#11 Disable “Seen” read receipt from Facebook Messages

There could be times when you don’t feel like to reply to message from your friends, therefore you want to disable those pesky read receipts. You should do this so your friends don’t feel you are ignoring them!

#12 Use Emoji in Your Statuses

Did you know Facebook lets you use emoji characters in posts and comments on both desktop and mobile? There is a way to do that, simply use the emoji keyboard from your phone.

#13 Add Gifs to Messages without Downloading Other Apps

To add gifs to your messages, click on the magnifying glass next to the text box, it will bring you collection of GIFs. Input keywords to find relevant Gifs for your fun message.

#14 Smartly Use the Friend Tracker

To notify your friends when you are in the area, there is a FB feature called Nearby Friends that will use your GPS location. The reverse is also true: if you enter the same area as your friends, Facebook will tell you who is around. Isn’t that Amazing!?

#15 Hide your Facebook friends list

Go to your Friends tab and all the way over on the right, click Edit Privacy. Change the Friends List setting to Only Me.

#16 Find Your Secret “Other Messages” Folder

Do you know where your lost messages go? There’s another inbox for that. Go To your “Messages” folder and in the top left; hit the “Other” button. You will be taken to a new folder filled with all the spam emails that you probably never wanted to see.

#17 Stop auto-playing Facebook videos in your News Feed

By default Facebook videos auto-play in your News Feed, resulting in loss of your data plan and you should turn off those auto-play videos. Just Open the Facebook app > Settings > Videos and Photos > Auto-play and slide to disable Smart Auto-play.

#18 See Your Profile in the Eyes of Everyone Else

Do you want to know how your profiles looks like when someone else seeing it? Head on to profile and from the right side of your cover photo click on the dotted button. Scroll and find the option saying “View As.” Here, you will be directed to what your profile looks like to a stranger. To see what it looks like for a specific friend, go to the top left and type in the friend’s name.

#19 Know Facebook Cover Photo size

Sometimes it becomes very hectic to find a photo big enough to be a cover photo. For a quick fix make sure your image for cover photo fits these dimensions.

On desktop: 851 pixels wide x 315 pixels tall.

On mobile: 399 pixels x 150 pixels.

#20 Enable Two-Step Verification to Avoid Your Facebook from Being Hacked

To keep your Facebook account safe from hackers, you need to enable Two-Step Verification. This involves receiving a code from Facebook on your mobile phone to complete the sign in process, every time you try to sign in to your account from a new phone or computer.

This greatly reduces the chance of being hacked. Under “Settings,” select “Security” in the left column and check the box in the “Login Approvals” row, and you’re all done.

#21 Stop Annoying Game Requests

In the Facebook app, go to More > Settings > Notifications > Mobile Push and uncheck Application Requests.

#22 Add Friends to Be Your Trusted Contacts

If you lost access your account, Facebook lets you pick three to five “Trusted Contacts” who can receive one-time security codes from Facebook through a special URL.

In case you got blocked, you will regain access to your account  by using that code and the block will be lifted. Under “Settings,” select “Security” in the left column and hit “Choose trusted contacts” in the “Trusted Contacts” row.

#23 Quickly send money via Facebook Messenger

You can send up to $10,000/month to your Facebook friends via Facebook Messenger. Find a tiny $ icon in Messenger which you can use to send payment via debit card. Note: you can add debit card in Facebook settings > Payments.

Bonus: See the most recent posts first in your News Feed

Facebook is built in such a way that it automatically delivers you top posts from your friends and pages you like. Sometimes it may show you older posts that are no more relevant.

You can easily set your News Feed to show the most recent post at top, with the help of left-hand sidebar. And if you are using Facebook mobile, just hit “more”, then scroll down to feeds and select most recent.

Why blog ranting is bad SEO

Wednesday, January 27th, 2016

Although connecting emotionally with your readers is recommended, it is not recommended that you “lose it” or be too opinionated in a blog. This is because this makes it less business like. Also ranting emotionally about a topic makes you look like an upset sixteen-year-old girl writing in her diary. In gambling they call this “tilting.” An emotional outburst in writing can clear an online room just as fast as displaying immature or raging behavior can in real life. People just don’t tend to trust opinion that is attached to a libidinous display of emotion.

Unless you are a well known columnist or humorist who is selling a book, blogs that take the form of a rant are usually not recommended for a business blog. The structure of this type of writing usually reads like therapy to other readers. If you want to or froth at the mouth about your favorite controversial then you are much better off to write a personal blog. Not that there is anything wrong with personal blogs, its just that the rant is not a particularly effective business marketing tool.

Rants can work if they are liberally sprinkled with effective keywords. One way to write a successful rant on a business blog is to sift through news stories, articles and informational products about your theme or topic and then write a response or your own insights to the “news.”

Also, if you are too emotional on a blog you might discourage others from responding to you. This is because they may not be that enthusiastic about leaving any pings back in case you attack them personally. They also might get the impression that you will remove any opposing points of view form the blog. This is a bad impression to leave as pings (responses to your blog) are a valuable source of natural SEO content on a blog.

7 Google Secrets You Need To See

Friday, January 15th, 2016

We all know Google is the biggest search engine in the online world and a large number of people use it on dailybasis. As an internet user you may be thinking you have a fair grip on Google surfing but there are some amazing secrets about this website you may not be aware of. Today’s post a compilation of 7 Google Secrets You Need To See.

Google Secrets You Need To See

1. Zerg rush

Zerg rush is a term for a video game with an overwhelming attack. If you type “Zerg Rush” in Google search and hit enter, the game starts playing and eats up all search results.

2. Atari Breakout

If you type search term “Atari Breakout” in Google images, you will surprise to see a 2D game starts playing. Isn’t that weird?.

3. Do A Barrel Roll

When type “do a barrel roll” in Google search and hit enter, Google search result will rotate clockwise and complete a 360 degree. Amazing!

4. Google in 1998

Type into Google search “Google in 1998” and hit Enter. You’ll have Google’s 1998 version in front of you. Voila!

5. Anagram

If you type into Google search “Anagram” it will suggest you an anagram for your search term. i.e nag aram.

Note: Anagram is a kind of word play which is rearranging letters of a specific word to form another word.

6. Bacon Number

We all know about Kevin Bacon – a popular Hollywood actor. If you want to know how many time another Hollywood actor/actress has worked together with bacon, just type actor name and word “bacon number” following it. Google will show you how many times that actor has worked with Kevin Bacon.

This is called bacon number – Another amazing Google secret!

7. Google Askew

Enter ‘Askew’ into Google search, it will tilt the Search engine results page (SERP) a little bit towards right.