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5 Ultimate Strategies To Sell Products On Facebook

Sunday, November 15th, 2015

We all know Facebook is the largest social network on the glob today and many internet marketers, bloggers and business owners use Facebook for promoting themselves. So, we can say Facebook is now much more than a social networking and promoting platform. But there are a few smart businessmen and online marketers who succeed to leverage the true potential of Facebook and sell products to their friends and followers.

5 Strategies To Sell Products On Facebook

If you directly ask people to buy things on Facebook they will hate you and get annoyed. Therefore you should not appear to be a sales man trying to sell something to your friends. Today I will present you the top strategies to successfully sell products on Facebook. Keep reading the post to discover the strategies which you can introduce to your marketing plans and manage to sell products on Facebook. By applying below tactics you can easily convert you fans in to paying customers.

# 1 : Announce new products on your Facebook page

I am sure you already have a Facebook page, So you can use it to announce your new product releases.  If you have a lot of fans then your organic reach can do the rest for you, on the other hand if you have budget then you can boost your posts on Facebook. Boosting posts on Facebook  allows you to target your audiences and helps you increase conversion rates.

# 2 : Post striking visuals

Now a days many businesses on Facebook are suffering the low organic reach due to frequent updates in Facebook alogarithm. But you can boost your reach by increase shares and likes on you posts. So to do that always post interesting videos and appealing pictures on your Facebook page. A beautifully designed pictures, or entertaining videos convert more.

# 3 : Optimize You Cover Photo

Cover photo of  your Facebook page can do a lot for your business. Many smart marketers list testimonials and features of their products on cover photo. You can use this strategy to boost you sale on Facebook. Do add a link to your sale/product page in cover photo description.

# 4 : Adding custom Tabs on Facebook page

Another way to sell products on Facebook is by adding custom tabs on you Facebook page. To add custom tabs you can use some applications. You can directly sell something by using these custom tabs or direct your visitors to a landing page which encourage them to visit your online store or website.

# 5 : Promote Products in Facebook groups

You can also promote your products in Facebook groups but keep in mind you should always promote relevant products. One thing more don’t ever spam while promoting your products in Facebook groups otherwise you will lose your trustworthiness.

Tips for better webdesign

Wednesday, November 11th, 2015

For better websites you have to build sites which are user-friendly AND optimized for search engines.

Here are 10 strategies for better webdesign:

1. Use valid HTML/CSS code. Searchengines and users hate wbesites which cannot be read correctly

2. Try to find out the most relevant keywords of your clients. Sort them by relevancy and list the first 12-15 keywords

3. Provide useful and structured content which referes to the keywords

4. Set keywords in bold within the text. Use keywords within the title tag.

5. Use h1-headlines for the most important keywords

6. Use alt-tags for images

7- Design. Try to create an unique and attractive design. High-quality images will impress your visitors. Seach for nice images in the web but do not copy them without permission!

8. Submit your website to the most important search-egnines like google, yahoo …

9. Try to get new backlinks every weekSearchengines will love that. Be sure not to get bad neighbourhood. Only quality websites should link to you. Directoy listings will provide you with good links when they have a pagerank of 2 or higher.

10. Keep your website actual. A news section will provide visitors and searchengine with new content.

If you have not the time or ability to design a website contact an agency with long-termed experience in webdesigning and seo. Before placiong an order you should check the references. There should be at least 20 web projects from different customers.

Top 5 Sites To Make Money By Uploading Files

Tuesday, November 10th, 2015

To make money by uploading files is not new but it is still very exciting and helpful for many internet users. This method of online earning requires very little effort on your part as all you need to do is upload files from your hard drive to a web server.

The process to earn money by uploading files is quite simple – you have some files on your PC, you upload these files to a website and get paid each time someone downloads your files.

What kind of files to upload for making money online – off course you don’t need to upload your personal files rather you can upload tutorials, project files, assignments and many more. This way of making money online can be very helpful for teachers and tutors because many students search online for solved assignments and project files. This is actually a win and win situation for both tutors and students.

Below are top 5 website that pay you for uploading your files, freeware and documents. All you need is uploading your files and you will earn money anytime somebody downloads them.

Top 5 Sites To Make Money By Uploading Files

#1 allows its members to upload files and share those files online. Each time an internet user downloads your files, you get paid. They pay you $1 for every completed download on average. You can monetize any type of files like some freeware/software, eBooks, tutorials etc with FileIce sharing. Simply upload your files and get paid for each download – Isn’t that amazing?

#2 Depositfiles pays up to $25/1000 downloads of your uploaded files. You can upload a wide variety of files including video, audio, text files etc. The amount of money earned from DepositFiles depends on size of your documents or files and the no. of times your files get downloaded. You will earn $2/1000 downloads for a files of 1-4Mb while a 5-9Mb is going to make you $3. So, we can say that the larger the file, the bigger will be your earnings.

# 3 allows you to upload unlimited number of Video clips, Pictures, Music files, Documents and much more. You can upload 200Mb at maximum per files. You will earn $0.001 for each download of you uploaded documents. Minimum payout is $10 which you can receive via PayPal. They pay you before 10th of every calendar month.

#4 You can make money with by uploading pictures. Your earnings depend on the no. of views your pictures receive. You will be making $0.22 for every 1000 pictures views. So, you can generate some extra cash just by uploading pictures to server. You can increase your earnings by sharing your pictures to some picture sharing platforms like Instagram, Pic etc.

# 5 DollarUploads: DollarUploads is paying comparatively high amount which is 1-$20 per download. The more downloads your files get, the more money you will make. You can upload any web content and get paid highest payouts in the pay per download (PPD) industry.