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How To Do A Domain Research Before Purchase

Tuesday, September 29th, 2015

Are you going to start a blog? Have you made a detailed domain research before purchasing a domain? One should make a deeper domain research before buying a domain because it may seem very catchy for you but maybe not a new one. There are chances that it may have been already registered and abandoned by someone else.

The other worst condition could be its being involved in malicious activities and gone through search penalties. So how to do earlier research to check if a domain name is safe before buying it? In below lines I will present you with some important steps/instruction for a better domain research, which will surely save your time and money at the same time.

How To Research A Domain Before Purchase?

As I said before we all suffer when we purchase some domain name and later find it problematic due to its past. So one should do a thorough research before buying a domain name either from some individual or some domain registrar. Keeping in view all the problems which you may suffer if you accidently purchase some bad domain name, I have listed some points that you can use to research a domain before actually getting it to your name.

Name Research

Doing domain research by name will enable you to find out negative remarks or complaints by other people about that specific domain name provided it isn’t a new one. Just Google for the name of the domain itself, for instance “mypesonalsite” or “xyzblog”. If it was pre-registered and involved in malicious activities, people will be talking about that domain name somewhere on the internet. Analyze the results carefully to find out any cause of concern.

Site Research

In the earlier step you searched for just name only without putting .com or .net, now in this step of domain research you are going to do a site search for example “” (without quotes). Google will give all pages from that site provided the site has some content on it. If the results show the recent content on the pages then site is in good shape and has no indexing problems.

For domain research you can also visit Search for the specific domain you’re going to buy, to find out the earlier versions that look identical to the site. This will help you to discover either the site was involved in spamming or not, if so, then just avoid.

This is another very good option for doing domain research. Just Visit that will simultaneously search Google, Yahoo, Ask and from a single page and present you with pages that might have mentioned that domain name, this is actually another idea to find out the previous owner of the domain.

How To Start A Blog – Complete Guide For Beginners

Monday, September 28th, 2015

If you’re a newbie in the field of blogging and online business, then you have landed at right place! The blog post you are reading right now has all the information needed to start a blog online with in a very short time period and enables you to start your own online endeavor. Now here I’ll discuss in detail the step by step guide letting you know how to start a blog online.

Before starting let me clarify something very honestly, that by starting a blog you are not going to make huge money within just one month or so, rather it will take some time. Blogging is a game of patience and consistency; if you are an impatient person then your chances to succeed are low. On average basis you will have to wait for up to 6 month or so to get most out of you blog.

How To Start A Blog Online – Step By Step Guide

We will go through following steps for setting up the very first blog for you.

1. Choosing Content Management System

Choosing right content management system (CMS) for your blog will play vital role towards your online success. You can choose between Blogger and WordPress to start a blog , other blogging platforms are also available but these two are the most popular one among the blogging community. I personally recommend you to choose WordPress as it supports a lot of plugins and beautiful themes which you can easily customize to suit your taste.

2. Picking up a Profitable Niche

This is the most important step for gaining success online in the world of blogging. It requires you to write something regularly and keep your blog fresh, therefore you should write about something which your are more passionate about, because without having passion/interest about any topic you will not be able to keep your blog updated and fresh. Here are some ideas which may interest you;

Gaming: Playing online games and writing about them is very popular today. So, if gaming interests you, then you can start a blog on online games.

Health & Fitness: Health and fitness is another hot niche. If you have some good knowledge about health & fitness related issues, then you can build a successful blog about that.

Politics: Very popular, everybody has an opinion about politics, I am quite sure you too have your own point of view about politics which needs to be heard.

Food: Everybody on this planet loves food! You can share your cooking recipes with the world through your blog.

Cars: Do you love cars? Start sharing pictures of your favorite new models. You can also  write reports from car shows.

Your business: Do you own a business? In this era of internet you can boost your business by starting a blog about it.

3. Choosing Right Web Hosting Service

Basically there are two types of WordPress blog;

a). Free WordPress blog: A WordPress blog can also be started for free by using custom WordPress domain but it has some drawbacks e.g., you are forced to you word “” at the end of you domain/site name . The free WordPress can be started at

b). Self-Hosted WordPress Blog: This very blog can be started at and it is known as Self-hosted WordPress. Why this is called Self-hosted?, because you have to buy a hosting plan to take care of your blog files and hard work.

If you’re serious about Blogging and want to set up a long run online presence as a blogger then you should go for Self hosted WordPress. With this kind of blog you are free to use your own domain name and monetize your blog without any limitations. You can register you domain name at Godaddy at very lowest rates. For web-Hosting I would recommend you which is providing wonderful web-hosting at very affordable rates.

4. Installing WordPress and Start Posting

Once you have booked your domain name and purchased hosting plan from Temok then its time to install WordPress to your hosting server, this is now made a matter of few click by most web-hosting companies. Just follow the onscreen instruction by your hosting provider.

5. Start Creating Great Content

Now as you have gone thorough above steps and successfully setup your blog, now its time to create some great blog content. Create useful blog posts regularly that are going to interest and help your readers and add up to your online popularity.

How To Make Money Blogging

Thursday, September 24th, 2015


There are two ways to make money blogging,

(a). Creating You Own Blog

(b) Guest Blogging/writing for others blogs.

A. Creating Your Own Blog

This is the best choice because it lets you create your own online presence and identity. If you have good writing skills and passionate about some topic then you should create your own blog.

Write Compelling Content

To become a successful blogger you need to write some compelling content which is unique and original. Never copy content from other blogs rather try to create your own content. You can get ideas from other successful blogs in your niche, visit these blogs regularly for the sake of getting ideas for your own content not for copying their hard work.

Build Relationships

Building relationships with influencers in your niche is as important as creating unique content. Make a list of at least 5 top blogs in your niche and visit them regularly. Gain attention of the owners of these blogs by leaving some valuable and meaningful comments own their posts. Like and share their content regularly and after some weeks or so try contenting them via email.

Chances you will be able to build some good relationship with the influencer. Just imagine a single mention of your blog by these influencer can bring your tons of traffic!!. You can also offer them some well written guest posts for free and receive a back-links to your own blog. This tactic will do a lot for your new blog.

Provide Solutions To Problems

Always try to provide solution to your readers problems with in your blog posts. People search Google for finding a solution to their problems, So being a problem solver can bring your a lot of organic traffic from Google and other search engines. This will also build a loyal readership for your blog as well. Moving towards our goal, how to monetize a blog, below are some most common ways to make money blogging.

Ways To Make Money Blogging

So, your blog is live for couple of months and receiving organic traffic from search engines, now you should look for some ways to monetize your blog. Below are some more effect ways to make money blogging.

Affiliate Marketing

This is what many of pro-bloggers use to make money blogging. Affiliate Marketing is promoting someone else products with in your blog posts and earning commissions on each sales that occurs through your unique aff link. Affiliate marketing is a high paying way of making money from a blog and many bloggers are earning decent amount of money by using this method.

Just search for product related to your niche and join their affiliate programs. You will be given a unique aff link to promote a product/service. Whenever someone clicks your aff link and makes a purchase you will earn affiliate commission. That’s how affiliate marketing works.

Displaying Ads

This is another most popular way of making money from a blog. All you need is to join some advertising network like Google Adsense, or Infolinks and place ad code on your blog. These advertising networks will show ads on your blog relevant to your niche and content, you will earn money for ad clicks.

Selling A Product/Service

You can sell your own product (if you have any) or provide some online service that people are looking for. Just for example if your a Graphic designer then you can offer your service like logo designing or banner designing.

Selling Ads Space/Direct Advertisement

This is still another way of making money blogging by  selling ads space on your blog. If you have a reputable blog which is receiving decent traffic from search engine then you can join BuySellAds and other similar network and display third party ads on your blog.

B. Writing For Other Blogs

In the first place we discussed about how to make money blogging with your own blog. Now in this section we will explore how to make money buy writing blog posts/articles for others. If you have great writing skills you can contact other established bloggers and offer them paid content. As the pro bloggers are supper busy people, they are in great need of original content for their blogs. You can approach those bloggers and provide them your content for some decent bucks.