Yoast SEO 2.3 – What’s New in the Popular SEO Plugin?

Yoast SEO 2.3 (previously named WordPress SEO by Yoast) is probably the best SEO plugins around. It is light, user friendly, and helps you optimize SEO like a boss. All you need to do is just type in the keyword, and do what it says.

A new version called the Yoast SEO 2.3 was launched recently, and I liked it a lot, especially because it made the plugin even more awesome. The annoying meta description in the ‘ all posts’ section was removed. This was a big problem for previewing featured images and it also made the whole entry looked elongated and disgusting. But in Yoast SEO 2.3, you do not have it.

An overview widget is added to the dashboard, so that you could know how many of your posts need SEO. Don’t bother optimizing the very old ones though, it is of no use. Yoast SEO 2.3 will also give you a warning about the default tagline “Just another WordPress site”. It even says that an empty one is much better (seriously).

But this is the most important part of Yoast SEO 2.3. If you had noticed, Google’s Webmaster tools was recently renamed to ‘Search Console’ and s API was updated. Yoast SEO 2.3 is now completely integrated with Google, and that means better search engine rankings for your posts.

There are even better options for this plugin if you upgrade to premium, but if you put the basic version to good use, you can score some amazing results. Don’t leave any field empty, because that would cost you a lot.

The remaining parts of the Yoast SEO 2.3 are the same. The premium version also allows you to redirect broken URLs and, they will be marked as ‘fixed’ in the Search Console. Try out the plugin, and let us know your experience in the comment below.

Thanks for reading btw. 🙂

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