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10 Online Tools To Easily Manage Your Twitter Followers

Friday, May 29th, 2015

Twitter is without doubt a great marketing and promotional tool for bloggers and online marketers but it only works if you know how to use it effectively. When I first joined Twitter, I was totally unaware about benefits of using Twitter. I remember I was following people randomly without thinking that either these accounts active or not, Do they have a timeline value? But with time and experience I realized the importance of managing twitter followers. So, I started unfollwing the inactive users or users that were not adding any value to my Twitter timeline.

10 Online Tools To Manage Twitter Followers

Here is a first list of ten online tools to better manage a list of Twitter followers. It is not intended especially not exhaustive, if you have other tools to offer feel free to do so in the comments.

#1. FriendOrFollow

This online service allows you to optimally manage the contacts that you follow on networks like Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr. You will be able to quickly and easily sort, filter, track and stop following your contacts on your various social media profiles.

#2. Tweepi

The other services also arranged for your convenience when you have a large list of followers or accounts you follow. Tweepi allows unsubscribe at once of those you follow and who do not follow you back. It also offers the possibility to reverse follow those who follow you and you do not follow back. Among the various options proposed, Tweepi allows to find new accounts to follow based on the community of your followers.

#3. CrowFire

Here is a service that takes care of your relationships on Twitter and Instagram.  CrowdFire (formerly JustUnfollow) will allow you to find the accounts you follow and which are inactive. This makes it easy to clean and unsubscribe. The tool also allows to monitor the impact of your posts on your followers and to analyze the relationship between two accounts on Twitter / Instagram.

#4. ManageFlitter

This tool is one of my favorites tools. Among its many options, Manage Flitter allows to know and be alerted when you save a churn on your Twitter account. You can unsubscribe your turn or raise them. It also provides the ability to detect users who do not have long or posting their posters too sporadically.

#5. ReFollow

Here is a box particularly powerful tools to analyze your timeline and the accounts you follow or who follow you on Twitter. Thanks to a well thought filtering system according to many criteria, you will be able to bring out the most important accounts. Particularly effective and powerful ReFollow will be especially helpful for those who manage a large number of followers.

#6. NotFollowMe

Another service to do the spring cleaning among your followers. NotFollowMe allows, after filling your Twitter account name, of who you follow and who do not follow you back or who has stopped following you.

#7. UnTweeps

Here is a hunter for Twitter accounts that are dormant. Ultra simple, UnTweeps will display within seconds a list of Twitter accounts that have little or no timeline value. They are displayed as a list with the date of their last Tweet. You simply check all you want to delete your radar and click Unfollow for the app you unsubscribe from all selected accounts.

#8. Qwitter

This is an automatic alert tool that will prevent you from one of your followers will unsubscribe from your Twitter account. Very simple use, you configure and then you forget it. You can configure the tool so that it sends you an email every unsubscribe. The service can also, if you wish to send you weekly updates to indicate the number of unsubscribes.

#9. Contaxio

It is a web-app that allows you to create and manage an address book of your relationships on social networks. You can manage your subscribers and relationships on Twitter. You will be able to pass information from other networks like Facebook, Google or LinkedIn.

#10. UnFollowersMe

UnFollowersMe offers a simple interface to help you better monitor the behavior of your community on Twitter. The service alerts you by email when someone stops following you. The application scorecard will allow you to act accordingly and to easily track and stop track users. You can also block accounts or send messages to one or more of your followers. UnFollowersMe also offers an option that will automatically follow new follower of your account.

A9 Will Reborn As Alice Nine This August

Sunday, May 24th, 2015


Alice Nine (A9)
A9 will go back to their previous name, Alice Nine. The name change will be made on the 23rd August, when the quintet will be celebrating their 11th anniversary with a special live. Titled ‘Re:birth’, the event will take place at Toyosu Pit Tokyo.
Alice Nine also announced that they will start a new Asian tour later in the year.
The third good news for Alice Nine fans is that they also opened their official fan club, called NUMBER SIX.
Here is the trailer:

Free CDN Service For Your WordPress Blog with SSL Support

Friday, May 22nd, 2015

CDN (Content Delivery Network) makes your blog or website load faster and saves your server heavy loads due to traffic spikes. If you are running a self hosted WordPress blog and want to speed up your blog with a free CDN then I bet you will love this post and the content delivery network that i am going to share with you. It is far better than CloudFlare and all other free CNDs, even its performance is considerably better than the standard paid plans ( without SSL certificate) offered by various CNDs.

This free CDN works by integrating with your with the help of Jetpack plugin. When Jetpack was first released, it wasn’t that useful rather packed with some unnecessary features but now it has many powerful tools. Most Importantly it comes with a free CDN which can really supercharge your site.

How Free CDN Works

All blogs hosted on automatically avail this free CDN service as all their files (post, images, themes etc.) are hosted on the state of the art infrastructure of WordPress. On the other hand self hosted blogs on can utilize the services of this free CDN by installing Jetpack plugin and this set up only takes a few minutes. In this post I am going to discuss in detail “how to set up this free CDN by on your blog or site”.

Setting up Free CDN For WordPress

Follow the below steps to set up this free CDN on your self hosted WordPress Blog:

  • First Install Jetpack plugin on your blog from plugins directory and activate it.
  •  After installing the Jetpack , connect it with your account. If you don’t have an account at Sign up here for free.
  • After successful connection between your account and your blog, activate the Photon extension in Jetpack (see screenshot).
  • Install and activate WP Super Cache plugin on your blog (If you already have some other cache plugin, uninstall it first)
  • Visit Settings>WP Super Cache and then navigate to CDN tab on WP Super Cache page and check Enable CDN Support box. In the Offsite-URL field just type Replace your-domain with the URL of your blog.
  • Remember: You need to use the exact version of domain, for example if it includes www, then don’t forget to use that in “Offsite-URL” as well. Just for your ease the domain of my blog is and for CDN my “Offsite-URL will be
  • Locate “Exclude if substring” field on the same page and input .php, .css, .js in it. This is important to know that WordPress free CDN just stores and serves images therefore we can’t configure the CSS and JavaScript files to load through CDN.
  • After completing above steps, scroll down and hit save the changes.

That’s it! you have successfully set up the wordless free CDN on your blog. All your images which usually eat up a lot of bandwidth and tend to slow down your server, will now load from WordPress CDN. This will reduce your server load and your site will load much faster ever.

The good thing about this free CDN and its configuration is that your images are loaded via secure URLs. If you are using SSL certificate on your WordPress blog, then this CDN will not generate any mixed-content errors. This saves a lot of money as you are charged a decent amount of money for SSL when you request it to be enabled at your paid CDN.


  1. All your images load via secure URLs.
  2. This free CDN does not creates any mixed-content errors in case of using SSL certificate on your blog.
  3. Saves a lot of your money which you spend for SSL to be enabled at your paid CDN.
  4. Bandwidth stealing images including site logo will load via free CDN and your site will become faster to a great extent.


Though this amazing CDN is free  but it has a few limitations, which are:

  1. Only supports JPG, PNG and GIF images, (no support for CSS and JS)

  2. Only available on Worpdress (no support for other CMS)

  3. Cache couldn’t be cleared once images are cached.

  4. Your web server should upload images to with in 10 seconds because there is a timeout period of 10 seconds. If server fails to finish uploading an image within these 10 seconds, the image will break due to connection timeout.