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Top 5 Android Apps That Will Earn You Real Money And Rewards

Saturday, March 28th, 2015

Do you have and android phone? Do you love to install android apps? if yes then you will love to read this post as I am going to share the best Android apps that you can use to earn money or gifts easily with your android phone. This is actually a fun way of making some extra money while enjoying smart phone.

Below are the top android apps to easily make money or receive gifts like Amazon gifts, certificates, iTunes Cards, Google Play and Xbox.

#1 AppBounty: AppBounty is one of the amazing android apps that you will love to install on your mobile. It is available both for Android and iOS. The principle of AppBounty is to simply install and test an application within minutes to earn points. It is also possible to earn more points by sponsoring someone. Points earned can be exchanged against iTunes Cards, Google Play cards, Amazon gift cards, gift certificates and  Xbox.

Download Now


  • It takes 1,100 points to win a voucher of € 2 Amazon
  • It takes 5,000 points to win a Google Play gift card worth 10 €
  • It takes 5,500 points to win an iTunes gift card worth 10 €
  • Each application is downloaded you earn on average between 50 and 150 Points

# 2 FeaturesPoints

FeaturesPoints is an application (iOS and Android) to be initially installed on your mobile then you only need to test apps that FeaturesPoint offers to win points.You can then redeem the points against money or against Amazon gift vouchers. You can refer your friends to maximize your points.

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  • It takes 4,200 points to win a voucher of € 5 Amazon
  • It takes 9,000 points to win an iTunes gift card worth 10 €
  • Each application is downloaded you earn on average between 30 and 130 Points
  • Every time you refer someone and your friend earns points you earn points.

# 3 TapChrono: TapChrono is a website that offers you to earn money and gifts during your idle time i.e.  transport, recreation, waiting rooms etc. Just register on the site TapChrono by visiting this link and then to take part in tenders Chrono  like downloading apps or watching videos to earn points. The points can eventually be exchanged against amazon cards, games, iPad, Xbox One and iPhone 5s.

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TapChrono, Features

  • It takes 10,000 points to earn an Amazon voucher of € 10
  • It takes 150,000 points to win a Mini iPad.
  • It takes 500,000 points to win a iPhone 5S

#4 AppDown: AppDown is an application available for Android and iOS. Then simply download the apps to earn points. It is recommended to refer friends to do the maximum points. The points can be redeemed against cash through Paypal or iTunes cards.

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AppDown Features

  • It takes 280 points to win $ 1
  • Each application is downloaded you earn on average between 100 and 1000 Points
  • Every time one of your referrals earns points, you win some you too

#5 AppNana: AppNana is one to the best android apps that must be installed on your mobile. It is available for Android and iOS, and you can download it here. With AppNana you do not earn points rather you need to install and test the proposed apps. It is then possible to exchange the “girls” won against the Amazon gift cards, money through Paypal, Steam, Bitcoin)

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AppNana Features

  • 400 Nanas offered daily
  • It takes 60,000 to earn Nanas Amazon voucher 2 € 10
  • It takes 320,000 Nanas to win an iTunes gift card or Google Play 15 €
  • Each application is downloaded you earn on average between 1000 and 5000 Nanas


How To Easily Build Dofollow Backlinks For Blogs in 2015

Wednesday, March 25th, 2015

If you are a newbie in the world of blogging then you will be well aware of the fact that backlinks especially dofollow backlinks are the key factor defining the position of web pages in search engine ranking. Though there are no of  SEO guides available over the internet which provide you very informative tips and tricks to optimize your blog to rank higher in SERPs, but the problem is how to effectively apply these SEO strategies?

Nowadays building backlinks has become too complex. There are thousands of tutorials over the internet about link building but these tutorials will teach you the same lesson i.e. “create quality content, build a brand name and earn backlinks”. But this tactic will take ages to show desired results in the practical world. To speed things up you need to take some initial steps, afterward your quality content will take your blog to next level. To help you out I am going to discuss some really working ways to build some dofollow backlinks in the early days of your blog or website.

Build Dofollow Backlinks for Blogs in 2015

Comment On Dofollow Blogs: Though many SEOs believe that blog commenting is dead but it is not true because blog commenting is still a great source of building dofollow backlinks for blogs still in 2015 if you do it properly. It’s a fact that most of the blog commenting system is nofollow but some dofollow blogs are still there which are not less than a goldmine for building dofollow backlinks for blogs.

InteseDebate: InteseDebate is one of the best dofollow commenting systems. To search blogs that have intenseDebate first visit and search for IntenseDebate powered blogs by putting you target keywords in the keyword box. This amazing tool will present you with blogs having relevant content to your keywords and that have IntenseDebate as well.

Leave some meaningful and relevant comments on target pages, input your blog or page’s URL in “Website” section, set your keyword as name and then submit. You will be able to build some very dofollow backlinks with this method, as approval ratio on InteseDebate ebabled blogs is too good.

Doffollow Comment Blogs: In addition to IntenseDebate, you can also do a search for “Dofollow Comment Blogs” and leave relevant comments on target pages. Though, the Approval and success ratio is a bit lower on these blogs, but if you manage to get a few links, the links will be pure dofollow and of high quality. Some of these pages may have too many comments (50 comments or more), so don’t leave comment on these pages, as a link from a spammed source may do bad for your blog.

Build Dofollow Backlinks With Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is great source of building dofollow backlinks but you need to be smart enough as Google has penalized many websites practicing guest blogging. To safeguard yourself you need to guest blog with some trick. I am going to share with a safest way that really works. Many bloggers and webmaster need good content desperately, find them and make a deal with them.

Just provide the content, ask the admin to publish the post under his own name and get a link from within the article body. A smaller success ratio of your work will do a lot in building priceless dofollow backlinks in this difficult era of SEO. Look for such bloggers and webmaster in your niche and contact them to discuss things like this. Hind: visit Warrior Forum’s has a section where you can find these blogger that lurk for link exchange.

Swap Links To Build Dofollow Backlinks

Warrior Forum, has a section where you can discover opportunities to swap links with other bloggers. Here is a link to this section of this section of WF. Here you will find bloggers and webmasters who usually lurk for links. But you need to be careful here, don’t exchange rather swap links. How….? Suppose you have two blogs X and Y, then you can get a link from somebody to blog X and can give link from blog Y. This is link swapping and it is super safe if the links are gained from article content.

Purchase Dofollow Backlinks From Fiverr

It is matter of fact that almost 99% of SEO gigs at Fiverr are just crap but the left behind 1% is real gold if you identify it. Some SEO folks at Fiverr selling links don’t really know the value of the link they are offering. They have no idea about the worth of the links. So you can easily grab a high quality, permanent and powerful link from an article or in some cases form the homepage for just $5. But before purchasing any links,

  • Ask the seller about the domain name of the blog he is going to give a link from.
  • Carefully analyze the blog’s link profile (domain authority, page authority, Alexa Rank and PR) using If all the stats are appealing, then order links.

Note: Above tips for building dofollow backlinks for blog may create difficulties for you if you deploy them without complete understanding (link exchange brings penalties when detected).

8 Unmissable Ways To Get Quality Backlinks To Your Blog

Monday, March 23rd, 2015

Are you a blogger and you want to get quality backlinks to improve the overall ranking of your website? Do you want to significantly increase your traffic? In this article, I give you the 8 most important methods to get quality backlinks to your blog or website. Of course, this list is not exhaustive, but by simply applying the advice given in this post, you’ll greatly improve the visibility of your website on the internet.

And the best part is that once your site is known, getting quality backlinks will not be a difficult task. Indeed, other bloggers and Internet users will make you many links to your site. So stay alert and use the tips that I will give you now.

1. List your site in directories to get quality backlinks

This is a base. And most of you are certainly among already aware that to reference your website, you must register it in maximum quality directories. Simply because it enables you to get a lot of quality backlinks. Take for example the model of Beefy directory. You can place a link to your home page with the anchor of your choice, but that’s not all. You can also get a dozen links to your latest articles and a dozen links to your headlights articles, etc. I can only recommend you to take a ride on this directory!

2. Comment on Blogs to get quality backlinks

It is also a formidable way to get quality backlinks for your website, but also to bring visitors directly on your website. How to be effective when trying to comment on blogs to get quality backlinks? Simply use the Google search engine for blogs and search of this type: “+ your CommentLuv enabled or keywords.” Why? Simply because commenting on blogs that uses CommentLuv, you’ll get quality backlinks dofollow. A real plus for SEO of your website!

3. To get quality backlinks, participate in forums

Participate in forums will allow you to get more quality backlinks you to also build a reputation on the internet. The more you help people by answering their questions, the more you will have an expert image and these people share your content while recommending to their knowledge. So it is an effective way to get quality backlinks to your website by putting a link to it in your signature, and providing links to some of your articles.

4. Write Guest Posts to get Quality Backlinks

Certainly one of the methods that bloggers prefer, simply because it also serves to skyrocket their traffic during a few days, and convert some of this traffic came from another blog in regular reader. Write guests posts, Not only to get quality backlinks to your website but also to attract many new visitors to your website, and convert part and thus to gradually grow your traffic.

5. Make partnerships to get quality backlinks

A method that is slowing somewhat, but still remains a good way to get some quality backlinks to your website. So do not hesitate to build some link exchanges with other blogs! Besides, it will also bring new readers to your website. So it is not a method to throw straight to the trash!

6. To Get Quality backlinks, share content across different platforms

Share your post on Digg, share your articles on social networks, etc. In short, share your content on the maximum possible platforms! You have nothing to lose, just a little time to devote to it, but you’ll be rewarded by winning many quality backlinks to your website.

7. To get quality backlinks, write a press release

A method that is very common, however, I wanted to share with you today because it is still a way to get quality backlinks in seen to slightly improve the SEO of their website.

8. Provoke Buzz to get quality backlinks

It is a method that requires work. A lot of work. Because it consists of looking for controversy story; to urge users to share your content by weight. But this is to find a subject to controversy that requires the most work. It is especially consider your buzz that will take time. Indeed, because before launch, you must be certain that it will not be bad to your blog, as all the buzz is not necessarily good to take. Some may burn the reputation of your website, so you need to be careful while applying this technique for the sake of making backlinks.