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WPsubscribers – The Best Premium WordPress Subscription Plugin

Thursday, January 29th, 2015

Either you are a blogger or an internet marketer, building an email list is of prime importance and you should start this from the very first day. All the pro-bloggers and internet marketing experts accept that the email list is one of the most effective and important tools for online success.

There is a saying “money is in the list”, So if you really want to succeed online in the field of blogging or internet marketing then you should start building your own email list from day one of your blogging carreer. Email marketing serves as fastest and direct communication for converting leads into sales, therefore, as entrepreneurs we can’t afford giving it up.

Build an email list quickly and easily With WPsubscribers

Now WPsubscribers – The Premium WordPress Subscription Plugin has made it easy for you  to build an email list very quickly and easily as your visitors will subscribe before they know it. Check out this summary of signups… and how these sign ups resulted…

  • Pop-up: 37.8% (Big pop, nice design, big ebook cover)
  • Sidebar: 20% (Text only, graphic subscribe / call to action button)
  • Footer: 19.7% (Text only, graphic subscribe / call to action button)
  • sign-up Page: 3.2% (a single, UNLINKED TO squeeze page, similar to pop-up)
  • Get The Rest Of This: 10.4% (A Special post, with a sign-up form in the post…more about this in a bit)

What do these numbers conclude? You can place Optin at Multiple Places on your blog or site. If you don’t have this wonderful plugin then you will have to use several plugins for obtaining above results. For example you will need one plugin for a pop-up,  another for a footer, and still another plugin for exit redirection popups… just causing you much  hassle. Moreover, you will have to buy all these plugins which wouldn’t be affordable for most newbie bloggers and internet marketers. Luckily  WPsubscribers premium WordPress subscription plugin have solved these problems, you can do this with such an ease and remarkable speed.

Key Features of WPsubscribers: Here are key features of this wonderful plugin:

  • Create an unlimited number of subscribe forms
  • Support all opt-in email marketing service
  • Compatible with all modern web browsers
  • Build a Lightbox Subscription Form easily
  • Put your subscribe form in the footer bar
  • Embed Subscribe Form with in your Post content
  • Place custom opt-in forms anywhere
  • Have Subscribe form on user commenting
  • WPsubscribers Can Now Integrate With Facebook

Please click here to see a live example. In this example post you will see a custom design popup + Facebook connect button, these are all created using WPSubscribers plugin.

WPsubscribers Pricing & plans:

WPsubscribers currently offering two plans: Single License – $47 (1 WordPress site installation) and an Unlimited License – $77 (Unlimited WordPress site installation).

100% Money-Back Guarantee For 60-Days: Grab WPsubscribers… place it own you blogs and websites, put it at multiple spaces — use it for 60 days and check the results. After using it for whole 60 days, if you don’t feel satisfied just ask and get all your money back — isn’t this amazing? WPsubscribers Plugin comes with Lifetime updates, help tutorials, support… and many more options that you’ve ever seen before.

Custom Website Design – The Search Engine for Facts

Tuesday, January 20th, 2015

Sometimes, you actually want to use the internet to find out actual facts. Perhaps your website offers actual facts. If you have an angle that brings true facts to light instead of advertising your website’s sales items, then you have to know about the search engine that is built entirely for facts.

Facts such as the history of boat building, or what the cloud cover was on the day that I was born, as well as a host of other actual facts are available at This is the search engine that is devoid of the basic advertising factors because it isn’t there to promote any websites that are consumer based. It searches through web based and catalogued information that leads to education.

You can enter dates, locations, math problems, scientific equations, or any other type of informational finding input to gather the info that you’re looking for. While it can be used for fun and exploration for curious minds, it is much more useful for research project, high school and college students, and post graduate work. Fact finding search engines eliminate the need to filter through all of the advertising, consumer based search engine results in order to find some information. This is information that is available through sources like the Library of Congress, rather than any other potentially skeptical source.

What makes this search engine even more unique is that it specifies whether it truly understands what you’re looking for. If there is something that the search engine doesn’t understand, it actually tells you. It doesn’t bother to guess for you or offer you information that doesn’t relate to your search. is quite possibly what the search engine of the future might look like. Of course, we will always need consumer based search engines to help us shop. Having the addition of a factual search engine is a real time saver when you need nothing but the facts.

Role of WordPress in eCommerce

Monday, January 19th, 2015

It has been a long time since the term ‘eCommerce’ was introduced, and it is no doubt that most of us are very well acquainted with it. Though eCommerce was originally aimed at being a platform for well-established retailers, it has now become a source of income for startups and bloggers alike. This is because eCommerce does not need much investment, and if planned properly, you could cut off most of the expenditure when compared to conventional commerce.

WordPress, which started as an initial platform for bloggers, has now expanded into the eCommerce sector as well. Though there are many other platforms which help you to create and maintain an eCommerce website easily, you have to pay them an amount or share a percentage of your profit with them.

But for those who want to own an eCommerce establishment of their own, WordPress lends a helping hand. All you need is a domain, and a hosting service. The role of WordPress in eCommerce has increased rapidly over the fast few years and it has impacted this field to such an extent that most eCommerce platforms integrate with WordPress, either partly or wholly.

Setting up a WordPress eCommerce website is very simple. You just need to purchase a domain, install WordPress, choose a theme, create a few pages and use some WordPress plugins. There are many eCommerce plugins and I will come back with a special article on that, but till then, I recommend you to visit WordPress’ eCommerce plugin directory. You can also choose your desired payment gateway. Most preferred gateways are through PayPal, credit cards/debit cards, and internet banking, but there are umpteen payment options available these days.

The role of WordPress in eCommerce is very predominant just because of one simple reason. Managing it has become very easy. You just need to key in the details, upload images, and your product will be ready for sale. In other words, it is as simple as creating a post in Facebook. Also, you earn all the money, without having to pay part of your profits to someone else. The only drawback of creating your own eCommerce WordPress website is competition. There are too many eCommerce establishments now, and marketing your own eCommerce website is where your challenge prevails.