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Walmart dismisses managers in China

Friday, November 28th, 2014

Walmart dismisses managers in China

Almost 30 managers and middle managers may go from Walmart in China in an effort to improve falling sales and tough competition.

According to a spokesman for Walmart China Division suffered cuts including two senior managers.

Walmart has faced tough competition in China with customers cut back on their purchases of goods in the middle of China’s economic slowdown.

The company recently reported sales in China fell by 0.8 percent in the third quarter, as the company blames the Chinese deflation.

Walmart has about 400 stores in China. The company said last year that they would close the stores that are under performing and restructure the operations for continued expansion.

Dissidents on trial in China

Friday, November 28th, 2014

Dissidents on trial in China

Two prominent political activists were asked on Friday to trial in Guangzhou in southern China because they helped organize protests against censorship. Guo Feixong and Sun Desheng risk of being sentenced to five years in prison, said their lawyer.

Chinese authorities have launched an offensive against human rights activists, lawyers and journalists in what is seen as the most comprehensive campaign against government critics in years.

They both denied the accusation that they “gathered a crowd to disrupt public order”, a common accusation to arrest demonstrators.

China’s courts are controlled by the Communist Party and is almost always the prosecutors line.

10 Best Apps For Android Grab For Free

Friday, November 28th, 2014

Everyone loves free stuff and same is true for Android. There are more 9 Million Apps on Google app store which you can get for free. Today while I was hanging on Google apps store I came across some best apps for android which you can download for free. I have selected 10 best apps for android, which I have listed below including description for each app.

My Android

This is the first out of ten best apps for android; this wonderful app will add some wonderful features for your android:

My App: This feature of My Android Provides you a complete list of all the applications installed on your phone or tablet. It easily search, sort, uninstall and Launch an App. Memory: Memory function of My Android will inform you about memory usage of your phone and SD card. It informs you about how much memory is used and how much is free on your phone and SD card. Call History: giving detailed info of all your incoming, outgoing and missed calls for one whole week. There is one special feature in this app that it show call history of known (Your saved contacts) and the unknown (the contacts not in your address book) separately, this is an amazing feature. Camera Information: You can easily find out how much mega pixels your front and back camera has. It also informs you about how many photo you can take depending upon mega-pixels and remaining memory of your phone.

Download My Android 

Antivirus for Android

Viruses are programs/applications that interfere with normal functionality of your android and causes= it to slow down. Viruses also damage you device and precious data in many ways, so to protect your android device and other data you need reliable antivirus app. Antivirus for Android is  one of the best apps for android, It protects your Android phone or tablet from many viruses, spy ware and malarkey.  Its key features include:

  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for any device
  • Ultra-fast scanning engine
  • Minimum system resources required
  • Its Free
  • Works flawlessly with HTC, Motorola, Samsung, Dell and many more

Download Antivirus For Android

Booster for Android

This is another very good android app, as it is quite obvious from its name, it boosts your Android speed to optimize its performance.  This is one of the top-rated android apps and trusted by a large no. of android users worldwide. This amazing app speeds up android phones, reclaims memory, save batter, kill tasks and fully uninstall apps that you don’t need any more.

  • Battery Manager: This app comes with four power saving modes to get more out of your Android’s battery life.  These power saving modes manage battery usage by closely monitoring system performance. Additionally you can use your own customized power saving mode as well that suits your needs. It also keeps a close watch on which apps is consuming more battery and provides you tips to reduce power consumption of these apps.
  • Phone Optimization Boost Speed with one click optimization plus Auto Optimization (This optimization mode continues working in background even under locked screen and kills tasks that tend you phone to slow down. This purpose is to free more RAM and speed up the phone; as a result browser page load faster and apps run at optimal speed).

Down Booster For Android 

System Cleaner for Android

System Cleaner is one of the best apps for android; this amazing and easy to use system cleaner tool has following key functions;

  • Clear the cache for all applications
  • Clear System process
  • Clear browser history
  • Clear up the clipboard data
  • Clear call records
  • Clear market search history
  • Clear Gmail’s search history clear
  • Clear Google Maps search history
  • Clear Google search history

Download System Cleaner For Android


This amazing app will help you to create android characters that look like you, your friends and anyone else. You can also accessorize these characters as well. It comes with 25 new animations which you can make laugh, dance, cheer, rock out, or all sorts of other moves. The most amazing thing about these characters is that you can text and chat them as emoticons. Or you send can these characters as animated GIFs and pics.

Download Androidify

HD Wallpapers for Android

HD Wallpaper is one of the best apps for android which will help you to find thousands of HD Wallpapers. These qualitative HD wallpapers are especially chosen for android devices. This app will provide you various kinds of wallpapers i.e., wallpaper for the mood, tricks, friends, a family and relatives. There is a total of 39 major categories making it easy to find what you want. The Key features of HD Wallpapers app are:

  • The application is available for everyone and it’s free
  • The quality and speed of loading
  • The database is updated every day
  • The division into categories
  • Quick Search
  • The base-over 50 000 wallpaper
  • Wallpapers specially chosen for the Android
  • Possibility to save the wallpaper
  • Slideshow

Download HD Wallpaper for Android

Weather & Clock Widget Android

Weather & Clock Widget for Android provides detailed weather for cities world very quickly and accurately. It can search your desired address with great speed and provide you detailed weather report consisting of current temperature, current weather condition, humidity, pressure and wind speed and direction. It also provides weather forecast for next one hour, next five and ten days.

You can enjoy this app for free and it comes with various widget sizes including 2×1, 4×1, 4×2 and 4×3 for normal screens. For larger screens and tablets it has widget sizes of 5×1 and 5×3.

  • Provides current weather condition and five days weather forecast
  •  10-Day and Hourly Weather
  • Sunrise and Sunset time
  • Atmospheric pressure with different units
  • Temperature in status bar
  • Share weather and location information with friends.
  • Home screen widgets, 5×3, 5×2, 5×1 for large screen only and 4×3, 4×2, 4×1 and 2×1 for all screens.
  • Searches for all cities in the world by country and city or zip code
  • Ability to set your internet source to Wi-Fi only
  • Ability to disable internet access from operators while you are in roaming

Download Weather & Clock Widget

Battery Tools & Widget Android

It’s another amazing app along with other best apps for android. It simply monitors and optimizes your battery by providing battery information which you can use to control your power consumption. Battery Tools & Widget Android comes with two different widgets which you set to your home screen. You can set to full transparent, allowing you to display colored battery level on status bar, which can be hidden when required. Based upon your power consumption this app tells estimated time left for charging or discharging modes, which will keep varying based on current power consumption.

  • Battery level with number and battery icon
  • Battery status
  • Battery temperature in both “Celsius” and “Fahrenheit”
  • The estimated time left for charging or discharging modes
  • Battery technology.

Download Battery & Widget Android