U.S. companies hacked by China

Chinese tops the list of hackers

FBI chief: All major U.S. companies hacked by China

The head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation – FBI – does not mince words: China tops the list of hacker attacks against companies in the United States, he said.
Government subsidized Chinese hackers are productive when it comes to stealing trade secrets worth billions of dollars in the United States, said the head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, James Comey to the CBS program 60 Minutes.

He believes that all large companies in the United States has been hacked by China.

“There are two kinds of large companies in the United States., There are those who have been hacked by the Chinese – and those who do not know they have been hacked by the Chinese,” says James Comey to CBS.

According to him, China is at the top of the list of countries that are trying to steal secrets from the major American companies.

Six months ago, five Chinese military personnel was accused of hacking into American corporate computer systems to steal trade secrets.

The five were accused of hacking American computers in favor of state-owned Chinese companies thus eliminate the need for research and development towards new technologies.

James Comey also think, however, that Chinese hackers are easy to detect.

“I compare them with a drunken burglar. They kick the front door in and overturns a vase when wading out with your television set. But they are productive. Their strategy seems to be ‘We just want to be everywhere all the time. And there is no way they can stop us, ‘”says James Comey.

China blames the United States for being hypocrites on the issue of hacking.

Big bank JPMorgan Chase acknowledged last week that hackers had gotten hold of data on 76 million customers and seven million companies.

“From Wikileaks for Edward Snowden case, American hypocrisy and double standards regarding cyber security has long been very clear,” was the comment from China’s defense ministry at the time.
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