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Top 10 Professional Looking Free WordPress Themes 2014

Sunday, October 26th, 2014

Do you have just started a blog and  you are  looking for free WordPress themes? If yes then this post is for you, keep reading, I will present you with top 10 free WordPress themes which you can download from MyThemeShop for free. These themes are clean, superbly designed and more impotently SEO optimized at the same time. Although it is better to go for premium themes which come with life time updates,  extra control and features, but  If you are beginner then these free WordPress themes can be a great choice for your WordPress blog.

Top 10 Professional Looking Free WordPress Themes


Point is the best among free WordPress themes, due to its friendly layout, fluid responsiveness and flexibility. It has an advanced options panel which enables you to easily customize the theme layout, background color and color schemes. It has some great features like custom widgets, related post and unlimited backgrounds.

Dual Shock

DualShock is another amazing dual purpose theme from mythemeshop which is 100% free. Either you have a blog or magazine, DualShock will be wonderful choice for you. Some amazing features include options panel, custom widgets, translation-ready functionality and search engine optimization. It comes with a unique layout including sleek post meta information box.


PlayBook is equipped with all the amazing mythemeshop features including friendly layout, option panel, responsiveness, SEO optimization, custom widgets and many more. It has a dual column post layout and a fully responsive design. Option panel allows you to choose your favorite layout, backgrounds colors and other color schemes.


Pinboard is a very cool Pinterest-styled WordPress theme with a grid layout and many more built-in features. It has unlimited backgrounds and color schemes and moreover, it is fully customizable. It is a fully responsive WordPress theme as it is built with HTML5 and CSS3.


Ribbon is a perfect choice both for niche sites and general purpose blogs. It comes with dual color scheme and plenty of white space to pad your content. It is a traditional structure WordPress theme with wide post display giving it magazine look. Other features include SEO optimization, responsiveness and option panel.


Portal is a simple dual purpose (magazine plus blog style) theme having light, bright and nicely blended colors. Its amazing features are Responsive layout, SEO Optimized and Custom Widgets.


This is another traditional, magazine-style free WordPress theme. It has a clean, simple design and all the awesome features including friendly layout, option panel, responsive and many more. More over it is SEO optimized to rank your blog high in search engines and dominate the web.


Bloggie is a free WordPress theme solely designed for bloggers having standard blog structure. This theme will increase your reader engagement by turning one visitor into many page-views with the help of sidebar widgets and related post feature. More over it has all the amazing MyThemeShop features and it is 100% free.


Groovy is a beautiful, magazine style WordPress theme. Its salient features are its being Hand-crafted, hand-coded and lightning fast. It is designed for those bloggers who want a clean, elegant magazine WordPress theme. Groovy is aimed to maximize page-views, ad revenues, and create the best user experience.


With launcher you can make a smashing entry into the world of internet. It has countdown timer, and social media integration. Let your visitor know before launching your site with estimated time remaining. Its features include; count down timer, rocket launcher effect, and twitter integration. All the other amazing features are also included.

Top 5 Reasons for Blogging Online

Friday, October 24th, 2014

In our daily life we embrace so many hobbies such as Cricket, football, video games, art and many more. But so many people have admitted that these types of hobbies have not brought them as much satisfaction as blogging did. Blogging has changed people and their way of living in many ways.

Although number of articles has already been written about why you should blog, here I am going to discuss this particular subject with my personal realization, as a writer. Here I am discussing 5 reasons for blogging, keep reading.

5 Reasons To Start A Blog

# 1: Blogging will make you a better writer

Writing is a great source of communication. It involves recording your thoughts on paper and convincing your readers to agree with them. Writing is a skill and it improves with practice just like any other skill which we possess or acquire with the passage of time. When you start writing blog post, you will not become a better writer in all of a sudden, but it will happen as you continue your practice.

# 2: Blogging makes you a better thinker

During the process of writing you are going to record thoughts on paper, this will make your thinking deeper and better. As you will be writing different kinds of blog posts, therefore you will come across new thinking patterns and topics every day. At this point, many newbies will choose not to blog or write at all as a result of the false perception that they “have nothing to write.” It will only happen if you just haven’t revealed what you have to write.

# 3: Blogging become a source of meeting new people

When you enter in the field of blogging you will meet so many new people online through comments, e-mails, or social media online. A relationship will be developed between you and your readers and other bloggers as well, here I will stress upon developing only healthy relationship with other people for the sake of mutual support only. It is a matter of fortune that the blogging community is very friendly and encouraging one.

As a blogger you will love to blog commenting and commenting on other blogs will become a big source of building blogging relations for you. I personally met some very good bloggers through blog commenting and I feel very charged to connect with these people.

# 4: Inspiration for Others

Blogging is going to change the lives of both the blogger and the reading community as well. As the blogs are free to read and are publically available, therefore, it is a kind of giving. You as blogger devote your time, energy and views in the form of writing and then offer it free to anybody in the world. By doing so, you’re going to inspire your readers with your writing.

# 5: Finally Blogging makes you some money

Although you can enjoy blogging without making money, or in other word making money with your blog is not necessary to enjoy blogging, but you can take blogging as a hobby which pays you back.

How to Make Fast Money Online With PaidVerts

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

There is a lot of discussion about how to make fast money online, as every one wants to not just make money but make money fast from internet. In this post I will discuss the exact method to make fast money online with PaidVerts. This program (PaidVerts) was first launched in March 2014 by Jo Cook, a very hardworking entrepreneur and owner of MyTrafficValue, which is very popular crowdfunding platform working since 2010. PaidVerts is a Paid To Click and profit sharing program.

So, How To Make Money With PaidVerts

In PaidVerts you can make money by growing your BAP (Bonus Ad Point), the higher is your BAP, the higher value paid ads will be delivered to your account, which you can view by going to your account>paid ads. 1 BAP will deliver a paid ad having a value of $.0005. So, you need to grow your BAP to receive high value paid ads to view and make more money. Remember you will have a minimum of 1600 BAP to receive paid ads to click.

How to Grow Your BAP

There are two ways to grow your BAP, the first one is to view the fixed 8 daily ads each giving you 25 BAP, so a total of 200 BAP per day. By doing so, you will be earning $0.10 a day (200 x $0.0005 = $0.10). This is actually very little amount to earn, because we want to make money fast. Relax guy!!! There is another amazing feature of PaidVerts which speeds up this  process and provides you with some quick profits.

You can grow your BAP by advertising from PaidVerts, by going to your account>Buy Ads. PaidVerts is hybrid paid to click plus advertising program, so you can advertise your website, referral link or affiliate link. By buying adverting from you will not only get visits to you site or affiliate link but your BAP will also grow at the same time. Excited to know how?

For Each Dollar Spent On Adverting You will Receive;

• 3100 BAP (Bonus Ad Points}
• 50 visits to your website or affiliate link
• 50 (125×125) banner impressions
• 50 (728×90) banner impressions

So, for every $1 spent you receive 3100 BAP which equals $1.55 (55% pure profit again and again).

BAP Groups/Tiers

The PaidVerts users are divided into groups/tiers based upon their BAP value. Different amount and value ads will be served to you depending upon the value of your BAP. For example if you have 500 BAP, you will fall in Group 01.

The details of Groups are

Group 01: from 100 to 1599 BAP.
Group 02: from 1600 to 12000 BAP.
Group 03: from 12000 to 24000 BAP.
Group 04: from 24k to 48k BAP.
Group 05: from 48k to 96k BAP.
Group 06: from 96k to 180k BAP.
Group 07: from 180k to 360k BAP.
Group 08: from 360k to 720k BAP.
Group 09: from 720k to 1.5m BAP.
Group 10: from 1.5m to 3m BAP.
Group 11: from 3m to 6m BAP.
Group 12: 6m to 20m BAP.
Group 13: 20m BAP and up.

Why to know this?

It is important to stay in higher group to receive higher value ads to click in the view ad section. To enter  in a specific group, just divide the lower limit of group by 3100, for example to enter in  group 04, you will need to spend $7.74 (24000/3100=7.74). You will burn you BAP @ 2000 BAP for $1 to receive paid ads to view. Click all the available ads and reinvest some part of your earnings in advertising to stay in the group. The rest amount will be you profit which you can cash-out at any time you want.

PaidVerts As Referral Tool

The most import benefit of PaidVerts, actually a huge bonus of this wonderful program is that you will be getting direct referral by adverting your referral link to thousand of PaidVerts members while making money at the same time.