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Important SEO Tips To Increase Website Traffic

Friday, September 26th, 2014

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which is the process to getting more traffic to a website. Many people think that SEO is hard to implement. But It is very easy to implement sometimes you have to do your maximum effort to make your site in top of the search result.
Here we are discussing some basic tips and techniques.

Be Updated
SEO is not a fixed algorithms and techniques. SEO algorithms will change regularly, so have to up to date in that to get better result for a website. That means the last year technique does not work this year. If Google introduces a new feature which is related to search results, you have to follow that without delay. This one of the important seo tips.

Update :  Google introduced another feature called Sitelinks Search Box, that brings branded traffic to your website. Learn more about it here.

Use Unique Content
Your content can build audience. Keep your visitors happy and gain more visitors to your site by updating fresh content in your site. Posting fresh content in your website helps to get search engine attention to site. If your content is static, old or out to date then most probably your visitors will go away quickly and never come back. So keep your content fresh. Like others this one is also one of the important seo tips.

Improve Website’s Loading Time
Website’s loading time is very important in getting more traffic. You need to improve loading time of your website. So get rid of anything’s that slows down your website.

  • Remove high images
  • Remove unnecessary JavaScript files.
  • Use faster hosting provider.

Increase backlinks
Back links are one of the most important parts to get more traffic to a website. Large number of quality back links gives higher traffic to a website. So give time to invest your time to increase your website back links. You can increase the number of back links by blog submission, business listing, article submission, guest posting etc.

Image Optimization
This is an important part in SEO. If you want to get traffic from images use Alt tags for images, also give description and caption for images. Try to reduce the size of images without losing quality, because large images effect badly to the speed of the website. This one really needed thing and one of the  important seo tips.

Remove All Broken Links
Check your website is there any broken links. Broken links hurt your website both search engines as well as users. Search engines will not able to index your website because of dead links and users will not able to find the content which they are searching for. So check your website and remove all the broken links.


How to Enable Google Sitelinks Search Box

Saturday, September 20th, 2014

Google launched new feature on Google search, called Sitelinks Search Box. With this new sitelinks search box people will reach your website content more quickly without going to wrong contents on another websites. Let me explain it.

I assume that you are aware of Google Sitelinks on search results. Please refer this link to know more about Google Sitelinks.

Well, sometimes we do Google search to get results from a particular website alone. Previously users can get site specific contents on search by entering website link or name along with the search query. For example if you want to get a Sachin Tendulkar last innings video from Youtube, then you can type “Youtube : Sachin Tendulkar last innings“. Or You may try something like that to get your needed result.

In another case, first you will type “Youtube“. Then after getting result you will follow Youtube website link. After getting into Youtube you will search for “Sachin Tendulkar last innings” to get the result.

Now Google’s new feature, announced on Sept 5th, Sitelink Search Box will let users to avoid these steps to get required original content quickly. If you search for “Youtube” it will display another search box along with Youtube sitelinks. So users can directly search Youtube contents from Google search itself  without clicking through the original website.!!

So implementing this Sitelinks Search on your website is important, unless you may loose your potential visitors from Google search. See what AJ Kohn from says,

Google’s new sitelinks search box threatens to take your hard won branded traffic and hand it over to competitors unless you implement the specified markup.

I am sure that, now  you are thinking about implementing this on your website. 🙂 I will explain how you also can set it up easily.

How to Enable Google Sitelinks Search Box on My Website?

It is not that hard thing to set it up if you own a Google friendly website. There are few general steps that Google suggests on this.

1. Add a Working Search Engine to Your Website – Step 1

You need to have a working search engine on your website. If you enable google sitelinks search, then users and clicks from Google Sitelinks search box will get directed to your websites search result page. So without a working search engine there will not be any search results page.

I strongly recommend using Google Custom Search as your website search engine. So if you do not have one, don’t think about enable Google Sitelinks Search box.

2. Add Markup to Your Home Page – Step 2

This is the last step that you have to do from your side. In order to enable Google sitelinks search, you have to put required markup on the home page of your website. It is not necessary for the markup to be repeated on other pages and posts of your website. This markup should have reference to the search query url patterns in target property of SearchAction.

You should point the same domain of your website, where you hosts the contents that is being searched. Also you have to include a variable to use as placeholder for search query box. This variable should in braces. When it gets a valid search results on your search results page it should replace the placeholder by original search query from user.

Here is the sample markup in JSON-LD. You can also use micrordata. Google recommends using JSON-LD.

<script type="application/ld+json">
  "@context": "",
  "@type": "WebSite",
  "url": "",
  "potentialAction": {
    "@type": "SearchAction",
    "target": "{search_term}",
    "query-input": "required name=search_term"

 Note :  You have to use your own website details.

3. Wait for Google – Step 3

There is no step 3 actually. After done with all these steps, all you have to do is, wait for Google to detect your site to enable Sitelinks Search. Google search algorithms will take some time to do this task. Be patient enough 🙂

A few things that you have to make sure,

  • Make sure that your website is indexed by Google correctly.
  • Your server supports UTF-8 character encoding.
  • Add rel=”canonical” to your site to help Google to choose correct url.

Awesome! 🙂 These simple steps will get your brand more traffic from search. Let me know if you have any doubts or suggestions.


Your Site Is But A Modification Away !

Monday, September 15th, 2014

No website is perfect the first time. The fact that over 75% of all websites are redesigned after the initial publishing to the internet. This is due to the ever changing needs of the internet users and the changes of the search engines that locate the websites.

When selecting a website designer, it is important that the designer is available to the potential changes of the site to help make it more beneficial of the business. The changes of the site include flash design, presentations, content, and search engine optimization, adding new features, e-commerce, and auto responders to potential clients.

Numerous features are added to an existent website to increase the traffic such as database features to log and store the site visitors. The option to contact the visitors at a later time adds to the potential profits of the business. Having the interests or customer contact information also reduces the chances of the contacts from the business to be placed in the SPAM locations of the internet services providers. This increases the customer contacts and potential sales from those contacts.

Sometimes the original website needs to be modified to increase the SEO of the content of the site. Keywords and phrases change frequently leading to changes on the webpages. Without the changes and updates of the SEO wordings, the sites will lose the traffic and impact of the internet users.

Adding the relevant keywords and phrases to the site on a regular basis will help keep the custom website design fresh for all users and potential customers. Professional developers know this is crucial for a business to be successful. They will strive to keep the site fresh and appealing for their clients.

The focus on SEO is only one of the custom designs for a website. Having a means to track and monitor the visitors to the site is relevant to the success of the site and business. This is done by adding a visual or hidden counter on the site that reports the traffic to the business. The visual counter is one appealing aspect to site visitors since no one wants to use a site that is not appealing to other internet visitors.