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WordPress Ping List to Get New Post Indexed Fast

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014

WordPress ping list are very useful to get fast indexing in major search engines for your blog or website once you publish a new post. The major advantage of the Blog is the ping feature. Every blogger shoud be aware of ping feature of WordPress if your blog or website is running on WordPress.

What is Ping?

When ever you publish a new post to your WordPress  blog, WordPress will send a ping to the ping services that is listed under ping list of your blog. This will inform the ping services that you have added new post to your blog. So that they will index your new post quickly.

Actually you may be aware that WordPress automatically pings some major ping services. But as the owner of the blog you can manually control and extend this ping services limits.

Here I will share a wordpress ping list that you can add to your WordPress ping list and get indexed fast.!!

Login to your WordPress admin dashboard. You will see Settings tab and under that a tab Writing. There scroll down to the option Update Services and there you can see a box to add wordpress ping list. Add the wordpress ping list that is given above and save it. See screenshot below.


How Truecaller Works

Tuesday, May 27th, 2014

Truecaller is very popular now. It is a global dynamic directory of phone numbers. When I have installed it on my mobile I was also quite impressed with its functionality and working. I was thinking how truecaller works ? They have given a page which explains how Truecaller works. But after reading that I understood that they have not disclosed 100% how truecaller works.

I know many of us still doesn’t know how Truecaller works. But still we are using it because it is really a good service. Many of normal users of it believes that Truecaller is doing some MAGIC and it helps people !! That’s not right.

Now lets come to the point. I have got idea about how Truecaller works !! I will explain it clearly so that those who still believes in Truecaller MAGIC will understand what happens when you install and search using Truecaller.

I have seen the CEO of Truecaller has answered this question publically in a forum. Below is what he said

“Truecaller is based on an opt-in crowdsourced solution where our users can opt-in (only name and numbers) and at any time also opt out their information. It is always disabled by default. Also, anyone can at any time permanently unlist their phone number from our website”

This is not the actual answer. Then how truecaller works actually?? Here is how.

When you install Truecaller App to your mobile it will sync your contacts ( The contacts/phonebook in your mobile) to its database. Saying clearly Truecaller will store your contact numbers and names to their database. They will have all contacts of truecaller installed phones.!! When someone searches for a number they will search in their database that is actually added from users phone. So obviously they number will be available in their database. Almost all smartphone users have Truecaller in their phone. So they claim that they can give most of the numbers and names.

Now there is funny part !! If one of your friend have saved your nick name or any funny name as your name in their phone and if they have installed Truecaller on their phone, mostly that nick name will be shown while someone searching your number !! There is a chance of duplicate numbers with many different names. So they frequently crawl users phone and database so that most recent names will be updated and shown to users. Do not worry you can register on their website and add your original name and details. If you do so only this details will be shown publicly if someone searches. If you do not want to show your number and name to others you can remove your name and number through their website.

You can check the official Trucaller page to know more details

A Method to Reduce Your Electricity Bill

Tuesday, May 27th, 2014

Cost of electricity matters in modern world. Decrease in production of electricity cause scarcity that depends on the resources available.  Rate of those devices are 2000 to 3500 INR. Why can’t we try the same ??? A module which reduces the power consumption rate can be implemented with the help of capacitor connected across the line.

So today we will see an easy method to reduce your electricity bill.

In detail :



V =Voltage between phase and neutral.

I = Line current.

Φ = Phase angle between vectors V and I.

In “L” circuits a rise in voltage in accompanied by a rise in current, but this rise is delayed by back e.m.f generated by the inductor.  As the voltage rises and falls, the current rises and falls, but a fraction of second later. So the current flowing through the inductor is always lagging behind the voltage, and current and voltage are said to be out of phase.

Here comes our Idea :

In our Home appliances most of the power consuming appliances are inductive in Load and there for the current will be out of phase which make less power efficiency. that is the Φ varies and we get a reduced VI value.  So we are connecting a capacitor across the line which work just opposite to inductor load.

because of opposite action (current leads) voltage and current can be made in-phase which will reduce the Φ angle to zero. The power factor becomes VI.


Φ ~= 0.

COS Φ= COS 0=1.

P = VI COSΦ  =V * I* 1= VI

this reduces the power consumption and help us to reduce the current bill.. Try and see the benefit.