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Steal These Kindergarten Email Marketing Tips

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

email-marketingI know that you are probably doing email marketing right now if you’re actively building a list.

By now you should have understood that building a relationship with the list is essential to making money from it.

The money is in the “relationship” with the list. You’ve heard this phrase a hundred times already.

Well, email marketing has changed a little bit, you have to make little tweaks to how you prepare and write your emails if you want to maximize profits.


Awesome Crowdsourcing Websites Around the Web

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

In the corporate world, it’s called brainstorming. In sports, it’s called teamwork. In the music industry, it’s called collaboration.  On the web, it’s called crowd-sourcing.

Crowd-sourcing for the layman is basically to ask participants to give their two cents on an issue or to solve a problem. It lets you leverage the “talents of the crowd”.

It could be anything like web design, article writing services, logo creation or even some help with administrative services.

Ultimately, the solution to the problem comes from the crowd of contributors –thus the term, crowd sourcing.


Site Remake

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

Dear Chinese Music Lovers, we just finished remaking the site and everything (including the forum!) should work properly this time. We apologize for the failed restart a couple of months ago and hope it works this time. The site looks very similar to what it looked like before, but we actually remade almost all of it from scratch. If you encounter anymore problems (even minor ones or just design issues) please let me know (

The new forum is accessible at link at the top. To use it you have to register again, even if you already had an account in the old forum. We kept the old forum around in case anyone wants to look something up, but you won’t be able to post anything there anymore. You can find the old forum at (Someone actually managed to break into the server through the old forum, so we just set the whole thing up again without the old forum now, which is why the new forum is empty again, sorry)

I hope with the new forum with proper spam protection Chinese Music Blog can became as great as it was again. Thanks for patience.