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Capsis achieves top google keywords

Monday, August 16th, 2010

Capsis marketing work has achieve top google organic placements for highly targeted keywords such as custom website design, custom websites, custom website development.

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Professional Site = Professional Customers

Monday, August 16th, 2010

The correct development of your website is crucial for the profitability of your business. Here are some vital aspects of the development of a website to increase trusted customers to your site.

Color scheme of the website and pages is important. Using too many colors or unpleasant colors creates an unprofessional and unacceptable website. Try to use only two or three colors that are pleasant and are joined in the color spectrum. Think about the professional teams in various sports for options of colors that are eye appealing and visually comforting.

Font choice is another factor for developing an attractive website. The fonts are to be connected to the type of service with a professional appearance. Avoid using multiple fonts that will distract the users of the site. They are reading the information and not observing the various fonts that are distracting and disturbing. The readers need to have a pleasant experience to limit the types of fonts used so they can easily read the information.

The design elements need to be clear and simple. This includes the logo and special effects. Avoid shading, thin lines, and thick lines. The design of the website needs to be pleasant to keep the interest of the users. If they are startled or offended by the over used elements, they will leave the site, and you lose a potential sale. Remain conservative with the design elements to keep the user focused on the services and products.

The copy of contained on the site needs to be clear, concise, and correct grammar. Keep the information interesting without using large words or incorrect grammar or spelling. The site is attract the reader not give them a headache with the various errors or information you are presenting. Make the information user friendly and light. Avoid using slang or jargon the reader will not understand.

Development includes the logo of the business. The customers will generally recognize the logo before remembering the name of the company. The logo is used on all the business paperwork and documents. It needs to be simple but something the reader will associate with the business. Think of the complexity of the logo and how the reader will perceive it before selecting the logo for any business usage.

Site Applications And Customization WILL Increase Sales

Sunday, August 15th, 2010

Every business is unique, needing a customized website with custom applications that support the important needs of the business on the website. Building a professional website with the applications is frequently done by professionals trained in the vast number of applications to meet the individual needs of website owners.

The different applications allow on-demand applications to increase the internet sales for every business. The products or services sold within in the website are projected to a higher level that captures the potential customer’s attention with the specialized application on the site.

Some of the on-demand applications require a special architecture that will allow for features that customers need to process the order, send information requests to the business, and access various information or pages on the website. The customer depends on the applications to deliver them to the right location on the site in a matter of seconds without delays or incorrect programming that creates frustration.

The custom applications help with point-of-sale deliveries for the business that increase the overall revenues and create a trusted relationship with all customers. The point-and-click options of the applications need to be user friendly, fast, and efficient.

Since all sales are based on customer satisfaction, the right applications used on every website is crucial for all websites. The site owners need to have the right applications to meet all their needs from customer service to generating inventory reports to customer information for follow-up or increased customer relations. Using a professional team that creates the beneficial applications for the website is the only way to build the business and increase the productivity.

The services improve business reporting, visibility on the internet, and trust with all customers. The reliance of the applications has increased over the years by serious minded owners knowing that customer trust and satisfaction is the only way to build their business. The business owners rely on professionals to use custom applications to generate the right type of business they desire.