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Website Banners

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

Your website banner could be singularly the most important aspect of attracting clients to your website. An eye catching banner which grabs the attention and makes you want to click on the link is essential is driving traffic to your site. Our design experts will create the perfect banner for you to create maximum traffic, resulting in optimum sales.

A banner can be graphics, text or both. Your name can be represented by images or just in plain text in various colors. There are no restrictions on this at all; you can be as imaginative or as minimalistic as you choose.

To get some ideas, have a look at some of your favorite websites and their banners. What do you find most appealing? The key to a successful website banner is that it is instantly recognizable. Colors and the type of font are very important, so once you have a rough idea of what you want we will create several samples for you to peruse at your leisure before we then create your permanent banner for you.

Don’t get carried away here, yes you can use your imagination but don’t go for a banner that makes a completely different statement to the one you want your website to make. Try and keep a theme going or at least a common factor so that the banner makes it clear what the site is about.

A logo is a good idea if it is well known, but for a new site it will just leave the audience baffled. Stick to the basics, if you have a floristry site, a bouquet on the banner will be self explanatory, where as a general gardening theme may have people thinking you are a garden equipment retailer. We are there to help you make these decisions and when your website goes live, you will have the perfect banner which says everything that you want it to.

How to Beat the “Me, Too” Syndrome Blues

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

One of the biggest challenges a blogger faces are the “Me, too” Syndrome Blues.

The “Me, Too” Syndrome Blues  hit when you, as a passionate contributor to, and participant in, the blogging community, read lots of other blogs and discover that people are talking about the same things you are. They’re having the same conversations you want to have and reaching the same conclusions that you have reached.


20 Important Blogging Questions For All Bloggers

Saturday, June 26th, 2010

Question2These are a few very important questions new and old bloggers should ask themselves before they start a blog. These are just a few of them: