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Jacky Xue Zhiqian’s 2 Part MV Series for 3rd Album Released

Sunday, November 30th, 2008

Jacky Xue Zhiqian has made great strides since first appearing on Wo Xin Wo Xiu, or My Show, China’s first largely successful televised singing competition that would later be eclipsed by the popularity of Hunan TV’s Supergirls and Happy Boys Voice. He quickly came out with a solid self-titled debut album that was composed mostly by himself, and has continued this tradition with his third album, “Deeply Loved You” where he composed and wrote lyrics for all but two of the tracks. His first three MVs for this album all feature his own compositions and lyrics.

The first single Chuan Suo, or Legend made airwaves months ago, with its own haunting MV that reflected its Chinese, Zhong Guo Feng style, and melancholy lyrics. This song later was heard by Japanese music legend Shinji Tanimura, whom it impressed greatly, and consequently Xue Zhiqian was honored with an invitation to the Osaka Music Festival in October. The second and third MVs came in pairs, a classical and modern version of the song “Deeply Loved You”. He had two arrangements of this, and it was decided that both were great in their own way and thus both made it to the album, and their own music videos which Jacky’s company, SonyBMG spent a large sum for. The MVs feature Xue Zhiqian, and Jia Qing, who used to be on My Show with him, as a pair of lovers in the past and present, with each MV featuring them in a different time period.

CMB Weekly Top 10 (Week 47, 2008)

Sunday, November 30th, 2008

Welcome to the first edition of CMB Weekly Top 10, a music chart compiled by us on the top 10 chinese music albums of the week. And I have to admit, the creation of this chart is inspired by Soompi’s very own weekly ranking.

The chart is calculated based on four sources: G-Music Billboard, YesAsia (US) Bestsellers, YesAsia (Global) Bestsellers and Top-viewed album reviews in Chinese Music Blog. For detailed percentage of each sources, I’ve highlighted at the bottom of this post.


1. Jay Chou: Capricorn

2. JJ Lin: Sixology

3. Rainie Yang: Rainie’s Proclamation – Not Yet A Woman

4. MayDay: Poetry of The Day After

4. Janice Wei Lan: Serving You

6. Hong Kong Various Artist – 2008 Love Songs Collection

6. Huang Jing Lun: Jing’s Note

8. Judy Chiang (Jiang Hui): Hug You Tightly (Ka Li Lam Lao Lao)

9. Original SoundTrack: Cape No.7

10. Raymond Lam: Your Love

10. Jessie Chiang (Chiang Yu Chen): Teruterubozu

Sources of Chart:

G-Music Billboard, Weekly Top 20 Mandarin Chart – 40%
YesAsia (Global) Chinese Music Bestsellers – 20%
YesAsia (US) Chinese Music Bestsellers – 20%
Top Viewed Album Reviews of Chinese Music Blog – 20%

SuperVC comes back in December

Saturday, November 29th, 2008

In today’s China, if you say the words “London style”, everyone will bring up Chinese indie rock band Super VC (果味VC) . Whether due to their music or their style, they have gradually entered into everyone’s hearts, especially those of the younger generation.

In 2006 after frontman Sun Lingsheng returned back to Beijing from his studies in London, Super VC signed a contract with renowned music producer Zhang Yadong (Faye Wong’s management). After two years in the making, news has arrived that their new album “Great Restoration” will be released on December 12, 2008.

In addition, the style used for this new release has been made note of. While before they played as young independent people, they now sport a classic look similar to the Beatles. This is because, as they say, they have already grow up and can be a mature band.

The main song of the album, “3 in the afternoon” has a very fluid feel to it, with very relaxed lyrics that give a feeling of warmth. Zhen Yang, the band’s bassist, directed this and also will direct two other MVs. In total, there is expected to be 7 MVs for this album.

It should be said that despite some changes, Super VC’s new album will be maintaining their consistent style, that is, pleasant sounding, easy to listen to. Saying bye to boyhood, and emerging as men, they will satisfy everyone who likes them and everyone who supports them.


You can also check out their Myspace and preview their songs here.