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The Outsider OST (Dou Yu)

Sunday, February 25th, 2007

The Outsiders is one of those TV series with a decent plot but is simply destroyed by horrible casting job. They should change the title to “The Cyborgs” because that’s just how flat, fake, and boring those actors are. I simply stopped watching the series after 2 episodes. However, for such a puny show, The Outsiders surprisingly has good soundtracks. There are minor scratches, however, the overall strength of the album overshadows the flaws.

Gary Chaw (Cao Ge): Superman

Saturday, February 17th, 2007

1. Superman
If you were expecting this song to be anything like “Superwoman,” well, don’t look here. Maybe it’s the tune, or the range, but something about this song is irksome. It’s very boppy and repetitive, and there’s a pretty cool little interlude, but overall it’s nothing spectacular or original.

2.兩隻戀人 – Liang Zhi Lian Ren- Two lovers
When I heard the introduction to this song for the first time it sounded as if it was a theme tune to some computer game 😛 after listening to this song, there’s a kind of 溫暖和浪漫感覺 (warm and romantic feeling inside). This song is based on a childhood song called: “two tigers”. If you listen closely you’ll hear the similarity in tune especially at the end of the chorus when he sings: (credits to twentynine_ at JCNET for lyrics and translation)

Always no worries
yi zhi mei you fan nao

Always no quarels
yi zhi mei you zheng chao

Let everyday always be as sweet as candies
rang mei tian xiang tang yi yang tian

Winter’s snowing, I am your blanket keeping you warm
冬天飘雪, 我是棉被温暖你的夜
dong tian piao xue, wo shi mian bei wen nuan ni de ye

Always by your side
yi zhi zai ni shen bian

Always loving till the end
yi zhi ai dao yong yuan

You’re in charge of lying on my shoulder
ni jiu fu zhe kao zai wo de jian

3. Girlfriend
Catchy! The way Gary swings back and forth from English to Chinese is very suave. It’s funny that he sings both the “G-I-R-L-F-R-I-E-N-D” and “B-O-Y-F-R-I-E-N-D” parts. The especially high parts where it sounds more girly is Gary imitating a girl. LOL. A nice song to just chill to. The end is nice; Gary has a short solo part (the rest is accompanied by more pop-ish instruments), and the very last line goes “I want to be your superman,” which ties this song back to the album title. Suave, Gary, suave. =)

4. 背叛 – Bei Pan- Betrayal
A very touching song which (according to my super secret sources) made Gary himself tear up when he sang this song. This is another one of his ballads but they never seem to get old. My favourite lyrics in the song: (credits to Ling at JCNET for translation)

Ai tai shen hui rang ren feng kuang de yong gan
Loving so deeply can make people crazily courageous

5. 妳是我的寶貝 – Ni Shi Wo De Bao Bei- You are my baby
This song’s really sweet. It starts off with Gary dialing the phone, calling to ask a girl out. It’s really funny when he repeats, “我是曹格 oh,” he sounds so bashful! =D He asks her if she already has a boyfriend, and is really relieved when she says no. He then tells her that he has a song for her. Here’s a few cute lines:

Qi shi wo bu cuo dou ke yi kao lu wo
“其实我不错 可以考虑我
Actually I’m not bad, you can consider me

Shen me dou ke yi Just don’t say no
什麼都可以 Just don’t say no”
It doesn’t matter; Just don’t say no

His voice in this song isn’t as high as it is in some others, but he still sounds good and the melody is nice. The lyrics are reminiscent of his previous album’s 8th track, 數到五答應我.” Overall a good listen.

6. 3_7_20_1
Lively, witty and brill!! This, when I first heard was very un-garylike but this song will grow on you! Listen to it in the morning and it will instantly invigorate you!

7. 保護你 – Bao Hu Ni- Protect you
It’s a more Gary-like signature ballad! Yay! Has a little blues and soft jazzy touch, and Gary showcases more of his vocals in this. The lyrics are all about protecting the girl, something this album seems to stress to make Gary a superman. =D

8. 愛到底 – Ai Dao Di- Love til the end
Another upbeat song with a strong beat which will keep your feet tapping til the end. However, it’s quite repetitive and the length of the song is a bit of a put-off. Not the best song in the album.

9. 我的甜蜜蜜 – Wo De Tian Mi Mi- My sweetie
Gary’s voice again starts off lower, I think he’s going for the “suave and sexy” voice. At times it gets too low though, and that’s a turn-off. Again it’s going for a more blues feel. One line is a snippet of Richie Ren’s “对面的女孩看过来,” going

Dui mian de nu hai kan guo lai, won’t you just give me a try
“对面的女孩看过来 Won’t you just give me a try”
Girl over there, look here, won’t you just give me a try

Nothing special here, seems to one of Gary’s tries to break out of his ballad mould that he did well in with his previous album.

10. 天使忌妒的生活 – Tian Shi Ji Du De Sheng Huo- The life that angels envy
The “ooOOoOoooH’s” at the beginning sounded very feminine but the song immediately got better when he started singing. Very pretty love song with adorable lyrics. Gary singing very high was a little hard on the ears but other than that this song is a very trademark Gary ballad.

Overall his albums don’t seem to be declining in quality. Well worth the money if you ask me even if it is just for a few great songs and some average ones.

2.兩隻戀人 – Liang Zhi Lian Ren- Two lovers
3. GirlFriend
4. 背叛 – Bei Pan- Betrayal
5. 妳是我的寶貝 – Ni Shi Wo De Bao Bei- You are my baby
6. 3_7_20_1
7. 保護你 – Bao Hu Ni- Protect you
8. 愛到底 – Ai Dao Di- Love til the end
9. 我的甜蜜蜜 – Wo De Tian Mi Mi- My sweetie
10. 天使忌妒的生活 – Tian Shi Ji Du De Sheng Huo- The life that angels envy

Reviewed by Shez and Elena (aka. musicelliety)

Recommended songs: tracks 2, 4, 5, 7

The keys to success in business

Thursday, February 15th, 2007

Success in business has very little to do with salesmanship, little to do with a knowledge of your company’s products or services. It is owing to some far more basic fundamental principles which will determine your success or failure at anything you do in life. (more…)