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Things to do Before Launching a New Website

Tuesday, September 26th, 2006

Launching a website is an intense experience. You have to prepare many things before launching your site. To get your new website popular you need to follow many common rules out there. So here are the things to do before launching a new website.

Install a Website Analytics Program

Google Analytics helps to see the things happening in real time, also website traffic, keyword search etc. Not only Google Analytics, there are many good analytics services out there on internet. make use of it. (You may do this right after the launching). Knowing your audience can help you to add more contents which can bring people to your website.

Google Analytics is the best free Analytic service for all type of website. Using this you can see complete details of your website viewers. It offers real time monitoring too.!!

If you already own a website and afraid of losing SEO on changing your hosting service then you should read “How to change hosting service without affecting SEO”

Make Sure That Your Hosting Will Meet Your Website Demand

Before choosing website hosting providers you should make sure that hosting program can meet your all website needs. You should not go for a cheap service if you really care about the website.

Check how much bandwidth they offer, disk space, up-time, email service etc. I have shared some good wordpress hosting providers list before. Do not consider free hosting providers if you are looking for a permanent website or good quality website. They will not meet good standards.

Anyways check top free web hosting providers list if you still looking for free services

Install and Verify Your Web Master Tool

Google and Bing have web master tool that help to have better idea of health of your site. That means you can use these tools to add your website their directory. It is a very important step that you have to take for good SEO. You can decide how you want to show your website in search engines like Google and Bing using these tools.

Google and Bing offer these services for free while Yahoo and some other paid services also there. If you are in WordPress plat form you should check this ping list for your site to get indexed fast that I explained in WordPress ping list .

Make Sure You Offer Subscriptions

Before your site launch add a email subscription service for your visitors. So that if they are interested in your contents you can make sure that they get it for free on their inbox. You can find many free email subscription services. Google’s Feedburner is best among them.

Email subscriptions will work if your website supports feeds. Whenever you add new posts your feed will get updated and subscribed users will get your new posts delivered to their inbox for free. That will increase your website traffic too!


Tips and Tools to Increase Website Traffic

Sunday, September 24th, 2006

Today I will explain some tools to increase website traffic. SEO is the technique to optimize your website in any search engine and make them more available online. Lot of technical aspects are behind making a website stay in spot light.  In this era of huge competition where people try to sell their products at any cost, one definitely has to find ways to, somehow increase the web traffic of their website. Exposing the website to the fullest is one such technique and that is why you have SEO techniques.

Certain tactics and methods are to be followed for marketing your website. Proper website domain, relevant file name, attractive designs and layouts, catchy keywords and meta tags , title optimization etc are few simple initial techniques to get your website the caliber it needs. Then comes the more technical things. Many technical minds work behind the demand of a most searched website. Google standards get updated soon and so are the tools. So the technical team of SEO should always be up to date, when it comes to trend and technology.

Below you can find some useful tools to increase website traffic.

Search engine spider simulator

Google checks your webpage using various tools. It checks redirects, page speed, title and description, keywords and links and many more. Spider tool helps enable you to view the perspective of a search engine from the website you require to see. It actually strips the HTML tags from the page you specify. Just entering the website name and few keywords is one has to do to use this tool.

Keyword density analyzer

Trend has changed from just dialling up keywords to focus on core terms including acronyms, synonyms, vocabulary, word forms etc. This tools has high density and low density checker. If a website shows high key word density then there are huge chances for the site to get filtered in the search. If the density is low then the likely hood of getting filtered is low.

This tool is very helpful to check whether a webpage is way out of synch with top ranked websites also compare web pages side by side.

Keyword selector or planner

Building new network search campaigns or expanding an already existing site is the purpose of a keyword planner. This tool gives group idea, group ad, historical statistics and see how keywords might perform and multiply certain keywords together. Planner tool enhances online advertising and it is indeed the foundation tool for a successful campaign. Networks, ads, campaigns etc are the most used marketing techniques for the success of a website.

Keyword suggestion

This tool links the search and keyword volumes. The searched keywords are suggested when just a word or a hint about it is typed in the search engine. Free keyword suggestion tools are available online. Keyword suggestion tool links the typed keyword to available resources and vertical databases. The keywords available in a particular website and its accessibility helps attract the search traffic.

W3C standard

W3C standards is an Open Web Platform for application development that has the potential to enable developers to build rich experiences, powered by wide range of data stores, that are available on any website. Industry leaders speak unanimously about how HTML will be a cornerstone for this platform. But the full strength of this background relies on technologies that W3C created and the partners of W3C includes CSS, WOFF, SVG, XML, symantic web stack and a list of APIs.

W3C gave technical specifications and guidelines through a detailed process to maximize concern and weight  about the content of a report that ensure technical and editing quality, and to earn campaigns by W3C and the neighbor communities.

Along with these techniques there are many other techniques you need to follow. Getting Alexa rank is also an important thing. You can check my SEO special posts here.

How to Improve Alexa Ranking for Website

Saturday, September 23rd, 2006

This is the era of online marketing. People will only be interested to market with you, if your website has a possibly maximum traffic rate. Now some may wonder why do you have to care about the traffic rate, yes you always have to look at it, traffic rate is important because it shows how many people visits your site and it says how popular your site is. First you should know who decides the popularity of your site, It’s an organization ALEXA acquired by AMAZON. They have this ranking system of websites based on the traffic rate. It very important to improve Alexa ranking.

How do we get benefited from Alexa Ranking?

Most of the business firms have marked Alexa ranking as primary category for online marketing. Before contacting us they will do a study about your website and to know how popular your site is, they will check the Alexa web statistic.

Everyone who own a website and wishes to attract others for online marketing, Alexa ranking will be of great use. This also helps you to compare the traffic and growth level of your competitor. The statistics of your competitor will help you to make future plans for the improvement of your website.

How do Alexa do the Ranking?

Alexa rank the website based on the traffic rate of one’s website. Many people have Alexa toolbar installed in their browser. This toolbar has the log of all the visits made by the person through that browser. This log is being collected in Alexa’s database and then the data is amalgamated. This is how one gets the statistics of the site when searched for in Alexa. For this the website must be certified by Alexa. Alexa has plans for certifying the website. Certifying is a paid service.

How to increase your ranking in Alexa?

It is not necessary that every person who visits your site has Alexa toolbar installed in their browser. There are few tips I can suggest to increase the rank. Follow points can improve alexa ranking.

  • Get Alexa tool bar add-on to your browser and visit your own websites frequently.
  • Include the Alexa widget in your website, so that people visiting your site gets to know about Alexa and installs the toolbar.
  • Post/write useful contents, try to answer the queries raised in the discussion, this will help others to know your site.
  • Also do the posting in social networks like Google+, Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Write blogs about Alexa in your website, so when people visits your site they may install the Alexa toolbar.
  • Use keywords for your website which is related to Alexa.
  • Use the help of your contacts and ask them to install the toolbar and browse your site.
  • When you do your posting in social networks and webmaster forums, use the signature as the website URL.
  • Use the Alexa’s URL when you do the redirecting in your website.

There is a fair chance that a good percentage of people visiting these social networks and webmaster forums have Alexa toolbar installed and they visit your site. This helps you to improve alexa ranking for your website.

Is data retrieved from Alexa very accurate?

The data we get from Alexa is not necessarily accurate. The users who has Alexa toolbar is very less compared to who doesn’t have one, still the ranking given by Alexa is like a diamond added to the throne.