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Nicholas Teo: Only Nicholas

Thursday, June 29th, 2006

This is his third album following his last extremely successful album (nb. Jessy has already written a review for this). In my opinion at only 25 years of age (birthday: 29th November 1981) he’s done pretty well for himself and is starting to develop into a well known celebrity!

The songs in this album in my opinion are quite similar to his last and has a ‘guang liang’ feel to it. Most of the album consists of slow ballads and fairly upbeat pop songs.

The album starts off with the songs 只因为你- zhi yin wei ni (because of you) is quite a poppy song but upbeat along with the songs 明白- ming bai (understood) and 那一年- na yi nian (that year), 忘记爱过- wang ji ai guo (forgotten that I’ve loved before)

The ballad songs are as follows: 痛彻心扉 (a wound in the heart), 将错就错- jiang cuo jiu cuo (mistake), Your heart my heart, 日日夜夜- ri ri ye ye (day and night), 不想离开- bu xiang li kai (don’t want to leave), 挣扎 (struggle). The lyrics to 挣扎 was written by Nicholas himself and though it’s quite similar to some of his other ballads it’s good to see that Nicholas is finally starting to write his own lyrics. I think that when he starts to write more of his own music he’ll start to develop into a more credited artist and eventually his own style of music.

The song 爸爸妈妈- ba ba ma ma (dad and mum) is a very sweet song and though not written by him you can still hear the sincerity in his voice when he sings this song. It is quite obvious that this song is dedicated for his parents and I particularly like the lyrics:

生活的压力 真大
Shen huo de ya li zhen de da
Life exerts great pressure on our lives

Ba ba ma ma duo ku ye cheng qi le yi ge jia
No matter what difficulties life brings to mum and dad they are still able to support a family

This may be related to his newly found fame and how he is happy that his parents will always be behind him 100%

All in all this album is a pretty good 3rd album from him and I am definitely looking forward to seeing more of him!

Recommended tracks- 1, 3, 9, 11

Track listings:
1. 只因为你- because of you
2. 痛彻心扉- a wound in the heart
3. 日日夜夜- day and night
4. 挣扎- struggle
5. 忘记爱过- forgotten that I’ve loved before
6. Your heart, my heart
7. 明白- understood
8. 不想离开- don’t want to leave
9. 将错就错- mistake
10. 那一年- that year
11. 爸爸妈妈- dad and mum
12. Your heart my heart (strings version)

Take On Internet Promotion Gurus With These Crucial Tips

Thursday, June 29th, 2006

It requires lots of dedication and hard work to make anything successful. Luck alone will not make you money through affiliate marketing. Big businesses did not develop through sheer luck. Think of any major brand name. Did they just get lucky? They certainly did not! They used skill and effort to effectively market their product.

Read some psychological studies about web pages and marketing on the net. There are factors of a psychological nature that impact how your brand is perceived by a customer. Some of these factors are layout, color and theme. Learning which factors are positively and negatively received can help you design your website for maximum profitability.

Creating a solid web marketing plan will enable you to identify your most successful products. Your most profitable items on your site can serve as tools to increase sales. When you tie other products to your top sellers, that compliment or accessorize appropriately, you will increase add-on sales. These complementary products are sold through your more popular products and may not require the same amount of advertising as completely unrelated products.

Take On Internet Promotion Gurus With These Crucial Tips

Give people a reason to come back to your site: you could for instance advertise new limited offers every week. Customer retention is particularly important in online businesses, and the way you reward customer loyalty will contribute greatly to your reputation. It is moves like this that generates positive word of mouth advertising.

You could give a part of your profit to a charity if you believe your audience will be interested in helping out a good cause. Now, of course, you don’t want to wear this like a badge of honor. You shouldn’t gloat about it, but you also want people to see it advertised on your site. The percentage of your profits doesn’t need to be huge to help your marketing.

Take On Internet Promotion Gurus With These Crucial Tips

If you want to draw in traffic for your site, you should think about circulating a press release. Writing interesting and concise press releases and announcements can often be placed on free online publications and other industry news sites. This is a quick and easy way to raise your visibility.

Your affiliate marketing plan can include a well-written, public relations page about your business. You put in content that a newspaper or online magazine could use to label your site. This method is a very easy and effective one for promoting your business to the masses.

Armed with these tips to help implement an effective Web marketing approach, you can search for opportunities to apply what you have learned. Following these tips with the right motivation will result in more business success with Internet Promotion.

How To Start A Successful Social Media Marketing Plan

Thursday, June 29th, 2006

Place a social media widget on your website for great results in social media marketing. Having a widget on your site gives followers a simple way to spread the word about your site. A widget can also let your readers tweet your content, thereby increasing potential viewers.

If you want people to be interested in the social media marketing campaign you’re running, have specials that people can take advantage of by adding you onto these social media sites. People who receive exclusive offers on Facebook or other social media sites will pay more attention to your social media marketing campaign as well as share your sites with others.

You can whip up shopper-friendly storefronts with your social media campaign. In addition to your own independent website, create a Facebook store easily accessible from any of your posts. Facebook users like to check out everything related to your profile, so a Facebook store could become a revenue builder for you. Real Facebook enthusiasts love to stay on the service whenever possible; this way they can patronize your store without leaving Facebook and heading to your website.Take the time to do more research about your different options if you are thinking about advertising with social networks. Social sites are different. By knowing the differences between them, you can better utilize your time and effort. You might discover that response rates are much higher on a specific site, thus meriting a greater time investment.

Make sure you track your progress. Create measurable statistics that track your new activity and followers. Link these stats to what you do and from there figure out what works the best. This is the best way possible to change your campaign and to hone in on working strategies for your social marketing.

Ask your employees to blog about aspects of the business and post the blogs on your business website to generate customer interest. Customers enjoy these types of blogs because they provide insider information about how your company operates. They can get a better understanding of how your business works, what its values are, and how it produces the goods and services they buy. Giving customers this “virtual tour” of your company helps them see that your business is trustworthy and ethical.

Social media marketing is a good way to get the attention you need. A business can also benefit when social media users spread reviews on products, or other information relating to the business. It is up to you to inspire your readers to pass on your message. You can do this by offering incentives, such as free products. Competitions to see who can draw in the most visitors can also be profitable.

If you use these tips here, you can see the various ways social media can improve your business. Give your business the online advantage that it deserves. You do not need a fancy site to get involved in social media marketing.