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Designing Websites with Sales In Mind

Sunday, January 29th, 2006

One of the very first decisions we make as internet marketers involves the critical choices in designing websites. We each have differing opinions and viewpoints of just what our site should look like. More often than not, these decisions are based on personal opinions or selections limited to the templates of the respective applications utilized for building the site. But there has to be more to this than personal preference – with no real basis for the logic and methodology tha should go into making the decisions!

What about this logic —beyond the appearance – lets also look at the “sales” potential of one design versus another. Think about it, why do some websites sell better than anothers? Do you need a marketing degree to create a website? Does design have much impact on sales?

You may not realize this but many of the successful internet marketing businesses already figured out that design, or layout of the website should be as much of a marketing decision as the ad copy. Why is that?

Web designers (and individuals with software apps) can do some amazing things with graphics and colors. You will also have a much more professional looking site when an expert applies his or her handiwork. However, it is critically important to understand some of the key elements that smart marketers make certain appear (or NOT appear) on highly profitable sites. After all, having a “pretty” site does you no good if you are not getting traffic or revenue from sales. Being aware of these will enable you (or your selected designer) to keep in mind this balance between marketing and design. The three key elements are color, graphics, and layout.

COLOR: Designs with a dramatic color can make compelling choices for setting a mood. But reading on a computer screen demands as much contrast as possible, otherwise the reader will develop vision fatigue. You do not want to irritate or tire your visitors in any way or they may leave, so be certain that the main body of your website copy is black writing on a white background – or as close to that ideal as possible.

Colors also change appearance on different monitors, so what looks cool and calm on one monitor may be bright and glaring on another. Simple works.

GRAPHICS: Striking, bold graphics can be a real eye-catcher for visitors. Still, successful internet marketers are pretty much unanimous in stating that you should avoid flash graphics as much as possible. Again, they tend to tire visitors eyes or create a distraction from the written copy. Even if they are initially impressed by the work it may subconsciously annoy them. Simplicity is again the best way to go.

LAYOUT: The first ‘fold’ of your site is similar to opening a tractional paper letter. If you remove a letter from an envelope that is folded in three, you will obviously view the top ‘fold’ first.

This fold is what individuals will see without scrolling down the page. It is CRUCIAL that important elements like descriptive headlines, your contact number, newsletter subscription form etc. all show in the first fold. Do NOT place banners here unless they are the main element of your business as you will be giving prime space to other websites and your customer (which you fought hard to get in the first place) will be gone just as quickly.

These are just some of the important elements you should be aware of when designing your site. This “balance” will greatly increase your sales potential – once you incorporate this into your design criteria. With both design and “sales-ability” used as the foundation for the website in the initial design phases you will reap the financial benefits for years and years.

Website Design: Boost the Look and Feel of your Website

Saturday, January 28th, 2006

For communication, promotion and selling, internet and website are the two most effective and relevant medium today.Websites are representing enterprises these days. When communication, information dissemination and marketing can be made through websites, then everyone will try to make their websites acquire a unique place in design, usability appearance and in search engine visibility. There are large numbers of website designing companies today, yet how many of them are meeting the requisite criteria, need to be studied.

If your primary objective is to do e-business or internet marketing through your website then this article will help you making an effective website.Whether you are required to make a basic business website to inform about your company, product and competitiveness, then a tailor made website design can carry the information, in an appropriate way. Your website should work as a loyal representative to the potential buyers who will prefer to start dealing with you seeing your website.You can reflect your objective as well as what you are through your website.Your website should have a balanced yet attractive graphics and text contents to ideally represent your company.

Web designers, Content writers and Web Developers are three vital positions for a website development firm and for the business organizations that develop websites by setting up an independent web development unit. Since the graphics of your website attract online visitors to your website,content should make them feel getting solid,stable and reliable services from you.If you have option selling online then you should take care of an easy navigation and simple steps to complete the buying process.

When outsourcing website designing comes into your consideration then there are competent web development firms who can offer you entire services from web designing, content writing, Search Engine Optimization, to including additional features to your website as per your instruction.Usually web development and internet marketing firms keep them updated about latest products and processes relating to website design and development. These offshore website design and development firms provide services within the given time period.

If you have website for internet marketing and that does not generate leads for your business then you may consult an internet marketing company.In web development firm you can also find internet marketing professionals.How to design a SEO friendly website by which it comes first in searching can be guided by an internet marketing company.The design, content will be made in a search friendly way.

Make sure your website is navigation friendly, not used heavy images, graphics, different image background in different part of the page, and consider the importance of using JavaScript. Appearance, usability, information availability and information accessibility are four crucial parts of a website which are interrelated and none should be ignored.

The role of a web designer is not only to put color and make graphic or flash work on the website but also to ensure a beautiful, and a justifiable appearance of the website.On the other hand content writer, SEO professional and web developer strive to make the website not only informative and SEO friendly but also justify the objective of developing website.

If you are curious about website design feel free contact us.

Justin Lo: Justin

Sunday, January 22nd, 2006

The first time I heard his song “Erica” is from radio. I had no idea who the singer is but I love the song immediately. Before I know more about him, he has received the “best male newcomer” award in various music awards.

Justin grew up in the United States. After coming back to Hong Kong, he met famous album producer, Mark Lui, and became a composer. He has since then composed songs for other singers. His impressing performance as a background singer in Leo Ku’s concert then led him to become a recording artiste.

First, I was skeptical that he’s one of those composer-turn-artiste singers, as a lot of them can’t really sing. However, this guy can really sing! He doesn’t have a unique voice, but there’s something special in his voice, something that’s able to move the listeners. His wide range and outstanding singing skill make his otherwise good composition even greater.

Most of the songs in the album are composed by himself. The songs are main stream, yet they give room for him to fully use his skill and range. “好人 Hoe Yan”, “我不是好人 Ngo But See Hoe Yan”, “命硬 Meng Ngang” and “我有今日 Ngo Yao Kam Yat” all have the potential to become popular radio hits. There’re 2 versions of “好人”. The last track is titled “Hao Ren (Original). The last track sounds like a refined and more easy listening version, but the first track, which is the remixed version is more creative.

“Erica” is catchy and R&B and a little David Tao-ish, likewise for “Superstar”. They get better each time you listen to them. Acoustic “冰淇淋之味 Bing Kei Lam Gee Mei” talks about his experience of racism in United States. “Loving You” and “White Christmas” are the 2 covers of oldies. Being a fan of the original song, I prefer the original version of “Loving You”, but I have to admit that Justin did a brilliant job in the falsetto part.

This is a must-buy album. After listening to this album, I have no doubt that he’s the most potential newcomer in 2005.

Track listing:

1. 好人 Hoe Yan (Good Person)
2. 我不是好人 Ngo But See Hoe Yan (I’m Not A Good Person)
3. Superstar
4. Loving You
5. Erica
6. 命硬 Meng Ngang (Tough)
7. 我有今日 Ngo Yao Kam Yat (I Have Today)
8. 冰淇淋之味 Bing Kei Lam Gee Mei (The Taste of Ice-cream)
9. Best Thing In My Life
10. White Christmas
11. 好人 Hoe Yan (Good Person) (Original)

Recommended tracks: 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7