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Human trafficking in China

Tuesday, November 29th, 2005
Human trafficking in China

Human trafficking in China, why has China been upgraded to Tier 2 in the list of human trafficking?

According to a report, as quoted by Zee News, human trafficking in China has been moved up the list, to the Tier 2 category in human trafficking.
Earlier China was in Tier 3 category, which is for countries not making even minimum of efforts to stop trafficking. This up gradation was questioned by Congressman Ed Royce, Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, USA. He was of the opinion that this is not justified as China continues to fail in three aspects of protection, prevention and prosecution according to Trafficking Victims Protection Act’s (TVPA).

According to the Tier 2 status in coordination with Trafficking Victims Protection Act, China is making efforts to come up to the standards of TVPA even if not fully complying at the moment. However, stories of young girls from Taiwan and other places have a different story to tell.

It is no secret that China has one child policy and very strict at that one. However, China is also one of those places where gender imbalance prevails, deeply engrained in the society. Families prefer male child. Perhaps this is the reason that women are being trafficked as brides from neighboring countries like Vietnam. Med India, has quoted many such horror stories of women who were sold to Chinese families or men. One such story is of a young Vietnamese woman who was sold to a Chinese family on the pretext of going to a party. According to reports, the main reason for this cruel trafficking is the inability of Chinese men in finding brides. Of course, economic motivation as a factor cannot be left out, but reportedly women from neighboring countries other than Taiwan are also the victims of forced marriages.

Michael Brosowki, Founder and CEO of Blue Dragon Children Foundation said that young women are trafficked and sold to the tune of $5000 and it is only due to lack of humanity and greed that these things are happening. Things are worse in Northern Vietnam, where the communities are living in perpetual fear. An elder of Red Dao Ethnic Minority Group says, as quoted by Hindustan Times, “ I worry so much about it, as do all the mothers in the villages, but it has happened to a lot of girls already. I have one daughter. She’s already married, but I’m worried about my granddaughter. We always ask where she is going, and tell her not to talk on the phone or trust anyone.”


This is just one aspect of plight of women in China. This not only shows that women are suffering, but also there is a huge gender divide in the country. The void of women is being filled with women forcibly being brought from other countries. Activists are of the opinion that poverty is another driving factor behind this illicit trafficking. Another downside to the trafficking is that in many cases women are sold to brothels, but it is the fear of stigma of being a sex worker that the victims often report forced marriages as the reason for trafficking. In addition to this, reportedly, forced begging by adults, children and forced labor by deaf and dumb people is also on the rise when it comes to human trafficking in China.

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The Best Guide On How To Be Successful In Affiliate Marketing

Tuesday, November 29th, 2005

Incorporate Twitter, Facebook and other social media outlets into your online marketing efforts. Social media can help you remain in contact with customers while also letting you quickly send out promotions and updates. Keep in mind, on the other hand, that it does not pay to bombard your customer with comments. Combine your marketing promotions with helpful and valuable informational posts.

A good strategy is to know what your competitors are doing. You can check your competition’s site to see what they have. Also, you can gauge the amount of visitors they get, which lets you evaluate how well their site is performing.

If you are already using web marketing, you know which of your products are top sellers. Use your best sellers to tie in with other related products and generate more sales. Centered around your big selling products, identify and advertise all complementary products. Each of these other products will get more attention because of their relation to your best sellers, and they won’t require the same amount of advertising as other, unrelated products.

The more you know about your competition, the more successful you will be. By having an idea of what they are selling or offering, you can improve your business and reach a higher level of success. In Online marketing, this is the key ingredient.

An excellent web-traffic generating tactic is to publish online press releases. Informative press releases that are clear and concise can help establish what you are offering in a professional way. Needless to say, a great press release can create a buzz around your business.

Offer free gifts to your customers when they buy something; this will let them know that their business is appreciated. Going the extra mile and making your customers feel special after they just purchased something from you will likely have them coming back again, and in turn they might just tell someone else how happy they are with your business.

One absolute Internet promotion necessity is information security. You need to take every possible step to protect your customers’ information when they buy from you. Always make sure that their security is a priority with you so that they will see you as a trusted source to work with.

The Best Guide On How To Be Successful In Affiliate Marketing

Your website needs to be as sales-friendly as possible if your Affiliate marketing efforts are going to be successful. Don’t neglect the possibilities of your site’s color scheme; experiment with different colors and see if they any impact on your traffic or sales. Keep in mind that your websites appearance can bore a customer into leaving, or entice them to look around.

The best way to be successful is to be in position to do so. Use the tips here and you can find success. When you play close attention and try hard on affiliate marketing, you’ll have more customers quickly.

It Started With A Kiss OST

Thursday, November 24th, 2005

With the requests of some visitors led me to this original sound track of one of the famous taiwanese drama, “It Started With A Kiss”. The main reason that I got this album is few of the songs are sang by Lara ( yeah, the cute girl with a sweet voice from NanQuan Mama).

After the opening track “Dreamwaltz”, it begins with the drama’s opening theme song “Say U Love Me” . Which, features Jason (from Iron Bamboo) and Lara (from Nanquan mama@South Fist Mother). Lara’s voice blends so well with the cool rap type of Jason. Nice!

A mentionable track is “Prank” by Wang Lan Yin, a new comer to the music industry. Her singing style of smooth, easy going and pressureless is a pleasure to listen to. Looking forward to more of her work. Lastly, the solo by Lara, “Come near a little closer” is the same song for “Orange Softdrinks” under Nanquan mama’s “Meal No.2” with different lyrics. I was a bit dissapointed but still an enjoyable song to listen to.

The following songs form the sequence of the beautiful love drama. From Track No.2 “Meets”, where Zheng Yuan Chang and Ariel Lin(leading actor and actress) meets for the first time, to track no.8 “Heard” where they kiss each other until the end of the drama under track No.12 “Prank”. Too bad I did not get a chance to watch the drama. Else, I will cherish this album (OST) even more.

Track Listing:
1. Dream Waltz
2. Say U Love Me
3. Meets
4. Sea of Love
5. Heard
6. Say U Love Me (Guitar Version)
7. Come Near A Little Closer
8. Can or not
9. The Whole World Knew
10. World Peace (Guitar Version)
11. Regret
12. Prank
13. Sky (English version “Sea Of Love)