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Why We Never Outsource Creative Work

You hear about outsourcing a lot these days. Many people think outsourcing is a smart way to scale; you hire a cadre of freelancers and boom! You can take on more work and make more money.

And for some industries, this makes perfect sense.

But at Capsis Media, we pride ourselves on our reputation. And we’ve built that reputation one client at a time. We do a range of creative work from building custom websites to branding and marketing and we want every client to walk away delighted and proud to show off their new online identity we helped create. To make sure that happens, we work closely with each client and spend time on all the little details of each project. It’s why we offer unlimited revisions and support and it’s why wenever outsource creative work.

Many agencies contract out web development to freelancers overseas. But we feel that only we understand our clients’ needs, and we don’t want any aspect of their needs to get lost while relaying information to a third party.

At CapsisMedia, we know that no freelancer will ever care about our clients they way that we do.

Here’s what’s at risk when creative work is outsourced — and they’re risks we’re just not willing to take:

Quality – We have stringent internal standards for quality that most freelancers just can’t match.

Coordination –Our tightly knit team understands our company culture. A big part of our culture is understanding and caring about the needs of our clients. We’ll bend over backwards to get it right — that means working together as a flexible and cohesive team.

Customer relationships –We don’t want to be a middleman (or woman) between our clients and freelancers. We work hard to develop relationships with our customers. We believe a deep connection with you will help us create something that matches your vision.

Communication – Good communication through each phase of a project relies on clear and direct channels. Outsourcing adds another layer of communication that puts your project at risk. To our way of thinking, saving a little bit of money is not worth it if it puts the work at risk. We want to stay in business because you love our work and you love referring us, not because we’re constantly cutting corners to save a few pennies.

Efficiency – Many people believe that outsourcing is more efficient. With creative work, we’ve found this is not the case. We can deliver on customer expectations far more efficiently when we work with the client directly and get everything done in-house.

Information –We simply don’t have enough information about the skills of an outsourcing team to trust that our clients’ needs would be met. We can’t be sure of what we’re getting, and that’s not okay when it comes to creative work.

When it’s okay to outsource

Sometimes, we outsource basic technical work that is very routine and straightforward. If we can supply a checklist for exactly how it should be done, it can make sense to hire help.

After all, that allows us to spend more time on the important and complex creative side.

We believe this is the right way to outsource: farm out the simple, yet time consuming pieces of basic technical work, freeing up time to work hand in hand with our clients on the creative side.

Ultimately, we got into this business because we like actually doing the work. You can’t outsource passion.

We’re creatives. We create. And we want to put those skills to work for you.