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Is Zen cart any good?

Fasten your seatbelts folks because things might get a bit technical here. We’ve been hearing about Zen Cart for some time now and its popularity has gone further high in recent times.  Despite of everything, we still get to hear a pretty important question from potential users. The question is, ‘Is Zen cart any good.’ Let’s move forward and try and answer the ‘Million dollar’ question.

Understanding e-commerce:

We all know about ecommerce pretty well. In a layman’s tone, everything related to buying any selling online including its payment and other procedures is part of ecommerce. Normally, you go to your favourite store online and you select items you wish to buy, before you proceed to checkout. 

Do you know what Zen Cart is?

Zen cart is a FREE add-on for your blog or any other website that basically turns it into an ecommerce store. Yes, it’s that simple!

It is an open source that means you won’t be facing any complications in adding it to you website. It is important to understand that Zen Cart is not an invention of something this world has not seen before. It would be safe to say that it is, in fact, an upgrade on the existing tools under the same category. 

The osCommerce connection:

Zen cart is basically a boost up of osCommerce. For those who are not familiar with osCommerce, it is basically a German ecommerce and online store management tool and one that is pretty successful. 

Zen Cart fills up the void left by some missing features in the oscommerce tool kit. Add a few changes to the frontend as well and you get a new and improved power tool, named Zen cart.

The ‘million dollar’ question:

It’s about time to answer the question we’ve all been waiting for. “Is Zen cart any good?”

It’s FREE:

Well, for starters, Zen Cart is free and we all love things that are free. The best part is that it is 100% customizable. Since it is open source, there’s absolutely no cost of installation; you don’t even need to pay for any updates. Their team of developers is a pretty competent one so you won’t face any major issues with its performance. But, you must be prepared for more work than you are normally used to.

Put your IT staff to good use:

Features offered by Zen Cart are not that extensive and if they are in accordance with your requirements, don’t delay any more time in grabbing hold of this tool. But, to be realistic, most users are used to a web-based user interface to mange their cart. They need assistance in registering a domain or selecting a hosting service, amongst other things. Neither of these things will be provided by Zen Cart. In a nutshell, if you are a startup and don’t have an IT team to assist you, Zen Cart will turn out to be pretty difficult for you to use. On the contrary, if you are well equipped with the services of an IT staff, you will experience a smooth run. 

Everything but a piece of cake:

Zen Cart’s last upgrade came out in 2016 and there has been no update since then. Honestly speaking, an outdated user interface is an immediate turn-off for me. Combine that will multiple installations (modules) and no customer support, and you will get a merchant’s nightmare right up your sleeve.

Zen Cart believes their setup is fairly user-friendly but I beg to differ. Be it the need to configure files manually or to set up a pretty technical web server, the process is anything but a piece of cake. And the worst part is that if you get stuck somewhere and don’t know how to proceed, there’s no customer support to assist you. You will need to browse videos on YouTube to get your issue sorted out. 

Think before you decide:

To tell you the truth, if you can put up with little bit of extra effort and learning, this tool can do wonders for you. The tool features multiple advantages not available is osCommerce and it can turn out to be the edge that you require over your competitors. So, think hard and put your head together. Decide what’s best for you and your business!

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