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How Color Psychology influence Your Opinion About Websites?

The world of colors is like nothing else that you will see in this world, we often say that a happy life is one which is filled with colors. Kassia St Clair gave a comprehensive anecdote about colors and our history in her book The Secret Lives of Colors; she traced the history of human civilization and presented it in a colorful manner. Psychologists believe that we can understand the emotions and the inner strength of a person by his/her perception of different colors. They have concluded after years of research that each color relates to a distinct trait of the humankind. These traits help them comprehend the behavior of the individual and empathize with them.

Have you ever thought why the Red Rose and why the white doves? Why do we imprint a particular stimulus in our minds whenever we see such distinct colors used in various areas? Color Psychology relates to the study of the sighted people to their emotional and mental health. The yellow color is used by taxis because it shines brightly in daylight and even at night from a distance, red color reeks danger, and the feeling of love is also depicted with red, so that implies love is dangerous. Well, are you in love? Think again.

Even though the concept of color psychology is not much prevalent, but still some sectors have made it a norm to inculcate the attributes of this field to enhance their functioning. One such sector is website development and marketing, the developers and marketing strategists have reaped the benefits of color psychology to make their content and endorsement more attractive and having the ability to pique the interest of the viewers.

Color Psychology in Website Development
The science of color psychology is complicated as it entails the flow of stimulus to the hypothalamus in our brain; hypothalamus then sends messages to various glands which release hormones deciding the mood of the individual. According to research done by Kissmetrics, almost 60-90% of an individual’s interest in any website is driven by choice of colors. In this scenario is your website’s colors are not in consonance with the visitor’s imagination, or if it piques the wrong mood, the chances of that lead turning into a customer are meager.

Have you ever wondered that why the health products have a tint of green color in them and why the websites of organizations, manufacturing these types of products are filled with green? Most probably because it is scientifically proven that the color green depicts good health and is a big promoting tool to showcase your love for nature. Color psychology in business branding is of paramount importance for all the organizations, as the right color will drive the customer to your website and help him steer in the direction that you want. A website developer needs to have adequate knowledge about the effect of colors on how people think, feel and behave. It will assist the developer in designing the website that concurs with the emotional strength of the visitor.

The coloring is subjective in nature, people have different choices of their favorite color, and they tend to relate certain emotions with color. Like black is for darkness, evil sand white is for the light and innocence, all these relations with colors helps the individual better judge the emotions of a person.

Which Color To Use For My Website?
This depends on the variety of product that you are selling and who will be your target audience. Finding the right color for your audience can be tiring and is a risky proposition, but some stereotypes attach a specific entity to a distinct color. For instance, kids are known to love the yellow color, for babies and girls the color pink is everything and men, well men have at least three favorite colors, two of these three will be black and white and one other color. Some men also like grey and remember that there are 50 shades of grey.

Here is the most revered color sequence that can be chosen for your website:

  1. Yellow: Kids love this color; therefore it is best to use it if your website informs or sells something related to kids.
  2. Orange: The color orange expresses physique, and hence websites of energy drinks manufacturers use it on their websites. Several food websites also design their website in orange.
  3. Red: The color red is supposed to affect your breathing and pulse. Well, why won’t it? Red is the color of the blood. (You were thinking love?) People often relate red color with fashion, and makeup brands have filled their websites red to arouse the women in buying their products.
  4. Black: If you want to attract the corporate world towards your products, make sure that you use the color black in it. The corporate world loves black as it is the color of excellence.
  5. Blue: We all love the color of the sky, blue is the color that can be used in the development of any website except those which manufacture food or related products. It has been proven that the color blue is known to restrain appetite.
  6. Pink: You want to sell anything to girls, make sure it has pink. Girls can buy a pink car tire for what it takes. If there are girls involved pink is your tool.
  7. White: Well, white is white. You can use it anywhere.

These colors only present the tip of the iceberg when we talk about color psychology in marketing; the overall impact of colors on humans is still a debatable subject. Psychologists have been finding out ways to inculcate the color therapy in the treatment of various disorders and amalgamate the whole concept of the human mind and its relation with color into one universal concept.

Color Psychology in Marketing and Advertisements
The putative dawn of science of colors started when Isaac Newton discovered the 7 colors of VIBGYOR after passing white light through the prism. From 1666 to the present day we have come a long way to understand what colors mean to us and what piques our liking towards them. Colors are used to depict various qualities, colors are bold, they are strong, they are evil, they reflect serenity, calmness, vigor, happiness, sadness, death, reincarnation, victory, peace, danger, war, and what not. Majority of human emotions can be expressed with color. Not only this, but colors can also mold our behavior in a positive or a negative subject to how we perceive that color. Some people are afraid of colors and some love colors, painters can express everything in their mind and heart through colors.

In this scenario, the marketing strategists have been known to use these colors to their advantage and attract a number of customers towards their products. With a better understanding of color psychology in advertising, they can develop a propitious advertisement which is revered for making some noise in the market. Today’s market is all about showing the audience what you can do, marketing is an effective tool to steer the market towards your products and make sure that your products are most widely accepted by the people.

Not only for attracting people, but colors and branding is also used for diverting people’s attention to other products. In India, it is a rule to design the covers of cigarettes and other tobacco condiments as unattractive and repelling so that people would not buy these products. As per UN, to decrease the intensity of smoking in America the manufacturers were instructed to design the covers with dull colors, the results were amazing as 30% people in America reduced their cigarette intake every day. This is the power of advertising and how it can help you mold an individual’s opinion.

The endorsement banners and signboards are designed after due care, sometimes wittiness combined with the right colors and right words can make a big difference. Choice of words also matters a lot when you want to throw the right pitch at the audience.

The distinction between who likes which color is rather imperative to comprehend for the designer, it is not worthy of spending your money when the advertisement you posted online or on some billboard is ignored for want of right color choice. The subconscious mind of every human being is trained to relate some color with a trait. These synchronizations of our brain with colors are what drives our opinion and molds our thinking regarding that product or entity.

Color psychology in business branding has been a rather important subject in today’s competitive world, companies are shouting by using distinctive and unique color combinations in their logos, brands, advertisements, and websites. But still, the psychologists are perplexed with some of the fundamental questions that how a human mind relates to colors, what drives them to make their judgments about black or red? Questions like these make us believe that the world of colors is not what it seems to be, it is much more than that.

To quote Kandinsky “color is a power which directly influences your soul,” colors are indeed what we all need in our lives.