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Four best practices and four good platforms for marketing

I have loved everything about online media and marketing since the first time I played around with Frontpage in 1999 and then later on tried to get people to visit my first personal website.

The best way to achieve results is to use a mix of some tried and true best practices including:

  • A defined brand that stands out and tells clearly what you do and what you stand for.
  • Branded business materials that deliver what you promise.
  • An eye-catching website, blog, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn page that clearly speaks your mission, vision, value, products, services.
  • An marketing and social media plan that you use to educate, engage and interact with your audience.

Then the next step is to use these practices on some of the top platforms online.


Facebook is the best place to start your online marketing mission. Commit to your work and grow your activity on Facebook and you will see results eventually. I recommend you use the “Notes” function to write longer posts and the “Story” function for shorter things like temporary offers etc.


Twitter is actually my favorite platform. It has proved itself as a real time, immediate and powerful platform for fun news and information in short form. Careful select some people and companies in your field of expertise and see how they use the platform and sort of mimic what they do successfully and turn it into your own style and use it on your account. Like someone wrote, news no longer breaks, it Tweets.


LinkedIn is one of the social media platforms I still haven’t really been able to get a good feeling for. Sometimes I feel the LinkedIn feed is just a long list of positive and “work-harder” quotes, nothing concrete but just a lot of pretty words an no action. However LinkedIn is the fastest growing and most influential platform today and a branded professional profile is a must have for any professional today.


YouTube is probably the most difficult platform to get started with as it is quite a step for most of us to be on camera and deliver something good that will become a memorable video people will love. YouTube is the preferred site for more personal content and showcase your personality and style.

I and CapsisMedia LLC are here and ready to help you with your social media adventures.